A Christmas Short Story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
Lisa is a 14 year old girl she knows santa isn't real but has to play it on for her little brother and Sister Grace and David. Her mum is also expecting another baby which now means Lisa will never get attention from her mum

Submitted: November 19, 2013

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Submitted: November 19, 2013



A Christmas short story

Hi,my name is Lisa, I am at the age of 14. Before we start, I don't believe in Santa Claus but I have a little brother and sister who do so I have to play along. As you can maybe guess, Christmas is kind of my favourite year but it's not the same knowing that Santa's not real. Any way my mum Julian is expecting a baby soon ugg, another year having to put up with goo goo gagaga. My mum and my step dad Connor haven't put up the tree yet and well it's the first of December. I was so shocked maybe I do like the decorations but it's always the same for me, Make-up,money and clothes that's all I get it's alright for Grace and David they can get toys it's different for me i'm older what am I meant to get everything I want is about £300 or over and my mum won't spend that much money on me. Back to reality it is a school day it's not fair but I guess I have to put up with it. It turned 7:00 am so my alarm clock started to buzz.

“Uggg,not again”, I groaned

I heard a knock at the door so I slowly got up and slowly opened the creaky door. I perced my head round and started.

“Come on get up, you have school today”, My mum groaned at me

“i am up, jeez, give me 2 minutes”, I muttered

My dad walked past my room with bacon,beans and toast on a plate with steam coming into my room. I smelled the food and my stomach started to churn. My face turned pure white and my mum stared at me. I forced shut the door and ran into my own bathroom,my mum heard me being sick so hurried in.

“Darling, are you alright?”, She asked me wishing i'm ok

I ignored her and got a bit of toliet roll and cleaned my face. I pushed my mum out my bathroom and slammed the door I got up and locked it. I collapsed onto the floor and started to cry.

“Darling, What's going on, are you alright”, My mum asked me conserned

“Just leave me alone”, I shouted

My mum walked out my room and closed the door she went and spoke to my dad. I sat on my bathroom floor and cried. I got up and started in the mirror and fixed my hair. I flushed the toliet and unlocked the door, I closed my bedroom door and sat on my bed. I got a message from Calvin my boyfriend.

“hey gorgous, last night was fun, can't wait to see you tonight,we scoffin last period? xxx”, He asked me on my imessage

I didn't answer to his message and 2 minutes after my dad came knocking at my door.

Lisa, are you alright dear, you mother told me you have been sick?”, My dad asked me

Leave me alone, I'm fine, just let me get ready for school”, I shouted at my dad

My dad opened my door and came in. he sat next to me on my bed and placed his hand on my lap.

Look, I know how you feel with the new baby on the way but maybe you should stay off”,My dad told me

That's not the thing, it's always about the baby or if it's not about the baby it's about Grace and david. I am sick of it, it's always about them”, I groaned

I placed my head phones on my head and started to listen to my music. My dad left a note on my bed knowing I wouldn't talk to him and left closing the door behind him.

You are having the day off school,I have to leave for work now bye, I love you xx”, The note wrote

I scrunched it in a ball and threw it in the bin. I heard the door go so I looked out the window my dad had left for his work. He is this big real estate agent but he is spending it all on the baby. If you haven't noticed I am not really talking to my mum or dad. I picked up my phone and sent Calvin a text message.

Hey baby, sorry, I can't just been sick and my dad won't let me come see you”, I told him on imessage.

My mum knocked on my bedroom door and entered. I took my head phones down and placed them on my next while she spoke to me.

I am going to be taking Grace and David to school, do you want to come, I am heading to the shops, I will get you some ice cream if you would like?”, My mum asked me

Sure”, I answered to my mum

You might want to put on something warm, it has been snowing outside and pretty bad”, My mum advices me

Yeah, sure, whatever, close the door behind you”, I said with a little attitude

My mum walked out my room and I walked over to my wardrobe away to pick something out. I picked out my black new leggings, red Hollister zip up hoodie, I then walked over to my chest of drawers. I picked up a purple and black bra and purple Brazilians. I picked up my orange tank top,2 pairs of fluffy socks and walked over to my bed. I picked up my apple laptop from the side of my bed side table. I opened it up and started to look through my old photo's I seen a picture with all my friends and smiled wishing I could treasure that moment once more time. I placed on my clothes and put on my ugg boats, I opened my bedroom door and my phone went off. It was Calvin messaging me.

That's alright hun, I was hoping you would say no I have a big Biology test coming up and I need to pass you know how my dad is with my grades xx LY”, He messaged me

That's alright then, I am glad you could help me study my design course, I don't know what I would have done with out you last night, I hope you do well in your test even though we both know you will pass xx LY”, I messaged him

I went onto my kik profile and messaged my old best best best friend in the whole entire world Rebecca.

Hey, I know it has been a long time, I hope I am not too late to change, I miss being your friend, You are my whole world and I can't stand one more moment without you x”, I messaged Rebecca

Hurry up, We will be late”, My mum shouted from down stairs

Hold your horses I am speaking to Rebecca”, I shouted back.

I quickly grabbed my coat of my computer chair and ran down stairs. I ran into the car and into the front seat waiting for my mum to come. My mum was surprised at how fast I ran and quickly came to the car she got in and gave me a weird look.

Yes?”, I asked

Nothing”, My mum answered me

My uggs where covered in snow but my feet didn't get wet. My mum started to drive the car, she didn't have to unice the window my dad already did it before he left for us. We drove to Grace and David's school dropping them off.

Bye, Have fun, Be careful, I will come pick you up at 3pm”, My mum told my brother and sister

My mum started to drive into town and we passed the christmas tree and my mum smiled.

i was wondering if you would like to help me with the Christmas Tree?”, My mum asked me

Sure”, I answered

We got to the shops and my mum got a trolly. I got a message from Rebecca on my phone, I froze not expecting to get a message back.

Hi, I was hoping for you to message me, It doesn't feel the same with out you even if I am In Ellon or not, I was looking at photo's and started thinking about you and got upset, I hope we can sort things out, maybe we should meet up sometime xx”,Rebecca told me

Hi, I wasn't expecting a message back from you, I am the exact same here, I am ill at the minute, I was sick this morning but

I don't know why so I can't really come meet you today xx”, I messaged Rebecca.

As I message Rebecca someone came behind me and gave me a hug I jumped up and screamed a little. I turned around to see Rebecca standing there with a smile on her face.

OMG, What are you doing here?”, I screamed in joy

Your mum messaged me concerned about you, What's going on she said that you are not in the christmas mood, I never thought I would hear that, or is it the kid thing again?”, Rebecca told me

Yes, it's that but she never spends time with me anymore, Last year it was david the year before that was Grace and now the baby where do I fit in?”, I asked

Tell your mum what's going on, How about you tell her when you are doing the decorations”, rebecca answered

Thanks, It was nice to see you again but I should maybe get going”, I told Rebecca

Yes me too, I need to go catch my bus for school”, Rebecca said

Me and Rebecca hugged and both walked in different ways, by time I got back to my mum she was at the till getting served I took a gulp expecting to get into trouble but when I walked over she said nothing. My mum walked infront of me once all the shopping was done and turned around.

Come on you slow poke, catch up”, She said

I quickly got up and hurried to the car we got to the house and while my mum was putting her coat away I started to put away the shopping. I walked into the living room and it was full of boxes so I sighed remembering that we still have to do the tree. My mum came down stair in her slippers and started to open the boxes. I smiled and sat down on the chair.

Come on mum, let's hurry up and get this tree standing”, I said ecclesiastically

My mum turned around and looked at me in a shock face. She then opened the box quicker and smiled.

1 hour later

It turned 10 o'clock and everything was up but the tree wasn't decorated. We started to decorate the tree. I picked up a bobble out of the box and got a memory.

Hey mum, do you remember this bobble?”, I asked my mum

Oh yes, we got that when we were in spain, we went into the Disney store and you seen this Little Mermaid bobble and you begged me in the shop and took a hissy fit In the middle of the shop until you got it.”, My mum said laughing away

We had so much fun putting up the decorations and we both fell asleep on the Sofa with the Little Mermaid Bobble in our hands. We heard the door go at 5pm and in walked my dad, Grace and David. We woke up and the bobble was smashed, it smashed in our arms.



I ran upstairs in a mood and locked my bed room door.

"DON'T GO THERE MISSY", My mum shouted from outside the door.

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