The Days Of Christmas

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

I'm going to attempt at writing a poem every day until Christmas day. This is a re-write of an old novel that i decided i no longer wanted as i wrote it when i was thirteen so the first six chapter dates aren't right but from the 7th to the 25th or possibly the thirtieth should align with the date.

Table of Contents

December 1st

December 1st  December First gave to me,  A cold Winter crisp that filled the air,  Causing me to freeze.... Read Chapter

December 2nd

December 2nd December Second gave to me,  Regret over Christmas presents.  Stress to find food for christmas, ... Read Chapter

December 3rd

December 3rd December third gave to me,  A heart that pines for lost loved ones,  As we gather at the tree.  ... Read Chapter

December 4th

December 4th  The day is the fourth of December,  My feelings are all up in the air.  There's a depression tha... Read Chapter

December 5th

December 5th  On the Fifth Day of December,  I was awoke from a great dream.  I had this sinking feeling insid... Read Chapter

December 6th

December 6th  On the sixth day of December,  A new christmas tree arrived at my door,  That needed decorating.... Read Chapter

December 7th

December 7th   On December seventh you look around,  You see the tinsel in the tree.  You see the baubles ... Read Chapter

December 8th

December 8th The eighth of December gave to me, A heart that filled with glee. A reason to rise out of bed, A reason to l... Read Chapter

December 9th

December 9th December nineth has given me, Questions to reflect my life, To see if im happy within me. It gave me blinds ... Read Chapter

December 10th

After having a really bad day on the 10th i was unable to write a poem about Christmas as i really wasn't in the spirit. In fact i'm still not but i can't allow the way i feel put my writing on
hold. I couldn't find much cheer to put into this Christmas poem but each one i have wrote has been how i felt on that day so i'm not going to change. Plus Christmas isn't always filled with happy
times many have bad ones too.
Read Chapter

December 11th

December 11th  The eleventh day of December gave to me,  A little bit of hope inside of me.  As i wrapped Chri... Read Chapter

December 12th

December 12th On the twelveth day of December,  I felt Christmas lurking round the corner.  I had Christmas present... Read Chapter

December 13th

December 13th  December thirteenth gave to me,  A mind that's filled with a million thoughts.  Lot's of things... Read Chapter

December 14th

December 14th  December fourteenth gave to me, Another birthday to celebrate.  A day to spend time with family, ... Read Chapter

December 15th

December 15th  December fifteenth was a day to relax, Winter jumpers on as there is a chill.  Family coming round t... Read Chapter

December 16th

December 16th December sixteenth gave to me, A day filled with lots of stress.  I had a clear out to make some space, ... Read Chapter

December 17th

December 17th  On the seventeenth of December, I became rather ill.  My illness got the best of me, Where I'd r... Read Chapter

December 18th

December 18th  The eighteenth of December gave to me,  A day filled of aches and pains.  As Christmas fast app... Read Chapter

December 19th

December 19th  On The Nineteenth of December,  It was a day of ups and downs.  A day where i ate the days of c... Read Chapter

December 20th

December 20th  The twentieth day of December gave to me,  A day that's spend with family,  Before Christmas da... Read Chapter

December 21st

December 21st  The day of the twenty-first,  Was a horrible day for me.  A day where i'm meant to have some fu... Read Chapter

December 22nd

December 22nd  On the twenty Second of December,  With bed rest on my mind.  I couldn't help but think of all ... Read Chapter

December 23rd

December 23rd  Today represents Christmas Eve Eve,  A day that's filled with worry.  Most people rushing on th... Read Chapter

December 24th

December 24th  On the twenty Fourth of December,  The town was running rampit. Parents running all around,  ... Read Chapter

December 25th

December 25th  December twenty-Fifth is Christmas Day,  Do you hear the little patters on the floor.  The chil... Read Chapter