the delusion

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the act of the one person who may have meant so much in your life before can destroy so much of your life now in so many ways and you just don't realise until you lose that person and they show their true manipulative colours and you feel slightly relieved until the start to have a carry on for attention haha.

Submitted: February 15, 2016

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Submitted: February 15, 2016



I'm sick of the betryal, I am tired of all the bitching, I am sick of all the repeated names replaying in my head because of one childish human. They repeat constantly "Slut, Whore, Bitch, Cow, Fat, Ugly, Worthless" and then the worst of all "Go Kill yourself Olivia". Don't you realise how many people would actually commit suicide becuase of you. I start to wonder maybe i should, hell no one would actually care, yet again maybe i should especially begain i am the so called "Pathetic Slut" that no one cares about, what is the point then?


You think you can trust someone but as soon as someone better comes along they completely bail as if you didnt even exist. For so many years i have been so blinded, I couldnt see that you are your family were well not normal. You playes so innocent, as if you were an angel but you really weren't after everything you put so much people through. You could say you were just like a barbie doll, fake, breakable and pointless.

You make up so much rubbish, it is unreal and tell people hoping they will believe you just so they can turn on the person you don't like becuase they decided they wanted out of all the games and petyness.  Those words you said can really hurt someone but you don't care you find it amusing that someone would then run home and hurt themselves with a knife making them bleed but you tell all your friend that they only do it for attention. Do you know how it feels to be called all those things NO!, you don't becuase you try to act like you are perfect and have done no wrong so that you wont get into trouble. Once apon a time, I used to call you family, you meant so much to me,but, you destroyed it for what a guy, you completely changed ever since you grew close to him.  I remember so many awful things you would say to me, but the worst you ever said was calling me a "Druggie". You put me through so much pain and you didn't care and when i finally went to speak to someone about it you denied everything and got off scott free, is this really how things have came to wow. It doesn't just surprise me how you acted but also teachers picking favouritism, wow thats just peachy. I am glad the last year unfolded the way it did because it showed me the importance in my life and that certainly isnt you. 

You were never there for me, you said you would be but you weren't why would you, did you just use me to have a friend, so you wouldn't be alone. Here is the thing i wasn't the only one who got used so did my friends and it is rather pathetic, You would blame all of us for all of your mistakes, maybe our mistake was being friends with you because you dragged me through hell and back, you made my days tortorous. You made us feel worthless as if we shouldn't be living in the world.  


You never think your life could work out this way, until one drastic moment changes it forever and you start to realise what you have in life and what is more important. You stand up for yourself and do the right thing and move on because whats the point on holding onto the past, when all it did was cause you torture.

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