The Dome- The Dawn Of The Beginning

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The First Instalment Of The Dome series- The Whole of Washington is boarded up over night with a wall dividing them from the rest of the world. The Government have built a Dome where the remaining residents of Washington must fight till the death. Six competitors go in and only one comes back out. Audrey Williams must find a way to survive The Dome and keep her family alive but in this new place she calls home she will discover not everything is as it seems. Alliances form both in the government and with the residents of Washington and neither are good.
Written in 2020

Table of Contents

Chapter 1-

Chapter 1- Friday 3rd May, 2020 Audrey sits at her table in the middle of the class room tapping her pen against her notepad. She... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

  Chapter 2 Audrey begins to wake up as the drugs stop having an effect on her. She hears buzzing all around her and her hea... Read Chapter

Chapter 3-

Chapter 3-  th May, 2020 Audrey is sat on the edge of her bed with her arms leaning on her legs. As she wears a yellow ... Read Chapter

Chapter 4-

Chapter 4-  Audrey's Point of view I feel the back of my head collide against the cold hard mat that lay under me and everyt... Read Chapter

Chapter 5-

Chapter 5-  Audrey's Point Of View. I stand in the steel glass elevator with Roman stood beside me. As we go further down le... Read Chapter

Chapter 6-

Chapter 6-  Audrey's Point Of View- My body jolts awake and my eyes forcefully pry themselves apart until i am consciou... Read Chapter

Chapter 7-

Chapter 7-  I blink my eyes as I see the axe fast approaching me from Joey. I feel frozen to my podium like I can't move. I... Read Chapter

Chapter 8-

Chapter 8-  Henry's Point of View-  I wipe the blood off my sword against my green shirt after gliding it against Benny... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Chapter 9-  The Terminal- Harper's Room- 20th May, 2020 Harper tosses and turns in her bed, she kicks her legs out and mumbl... Read Chapter

Chapter 10 -

Chapter 10 -  Tunnel Of Death - 22nd May, 2020 Isaac's Point Of View-  I stand in the cold t... Read Chapter

Chapter 11-

Chapter 11 Audrey sits in the foot hall with her father beside her and her mum and brother across from them. She turns her head looki... Read Chapter

Chapter 12-

Chapter 12-  William's House hold- Monday 25th May, 2020 Audrey's Point Of View-  I stand in front of my wardrobe s... Read Chapter

Chapter 13-

Chapter 13 -  Palmer Household- Monday 1st June, 2020- 7.30am  Audrey is Natalie's house having her breakfast as they p... Read Chapter

Chapter 14-

Chapter 14 -  William's Household- Friday 6th June, 2020 Henry's Point Of View-  I stand in the living room by the ... Read Chapter

Chapter 15-

Chapter 15 -  School Gates- Wednesday 10th June, 2020 Audrey comes out of the school doors wearing black lace trousers that ... Read Chapter

Chapter 16-

Chapter 16-  Friday 19th June, 2020- Adeline's Supermarket Henry's Point Of View-  I push the trolley round th... Read Chapter

Chapter 17-

Chapter 17-  William's House Hold- Wednesday 1st July,2020 Isaac's Point Of View- I remain lying ... Read Chapter

Chapter 18 -

Chapter 18 -  William's House Hold- The Basement- Saturday 4th July, 2020 Audrey's Point Of View-  I continue to ... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Chapter 19 -  The Dome- 8th July,2020- Audrey's Point Of View-  I stumble my way around The Dome having no idea whe... Read Chapter

Chapter 20 -

Chapter 20 -  Tuesday 21st July,2020- Audrey's Point Of View-  I walk through the empty streets of Anteroux Panolia wit... Read Chapter

Chapter 21 -

Chapter 21 -  I make my way the white corridors of The Terminal and each time i step into a new corridor my hear... Read Chapter

Chapter 22 -

Chapter 22 -  Willow Creek High- August 1st, 2020- Audrey's Point Of View-  I step off the bus with Gianno and see ... Read Chapter

Chapter 23-

Chapter 23 -  The Dome- Friday 7th August, 2020 Audrey's Point Of View-  I watch as my fathers body gets dragged ou... Read Chapter

Chapter 24-

Chapter 24 -  Colton's Home Office- Saturday 8th August, 2020-  Colton sits at his desk in his home office staring at t... Read Chapter

Chapter 25-

Chapter 25-  Isolation House- Monday 24th August,2020- Audrey's Point Of View- I stand in front of the mirror in my Isol... Read Chapter

Chapter 26-

Chapter 26  -  The Dome- Thursday 27th August, 2020- After four days of repetitive Domes it feels like i am losing... Read Chapter

Chapter 27-

Chapter 27  -  Willow Creek High- 3rd September, 2020 I walk out the doors of the school and make my way down the stair... Read Chapter

Chapter 28-

Chapter 28 -  I slide my feet out from under neath the covers and pull myself up. I let out a groan hating the idea of having to... Read Chapter

Chapter 29-

Chapter 29 -  I stand by the window in the living room gazing out of it as a loud chime plays to inform us that The President is... Read Chapter

Chapter 30 -

Chapter 30 -  I stand back up on my feet as my new competitors come walking into The Dome. Each one with a face of fury and eyes... Read Chapter

Chapter 31

Chapter 31-  Harper's Point Of View-  I pace around the living room waiting for Henry to come home but the problem is i... Read Chapter

Chapter 32-

Chapter 32-  The Terminal - Colton's Office- I stand at the window of my office looking out at the city of Anteroux Panolia.... Read Chapter

Chapter 33-

Chapter 33-  The hallways in the school feel colder than usual. When ever anyone brushes past it's like ice filling my lungs whi... Read Chapter

Chapter 34-

Chapter 34-  Adrian's Office- Adrian's Point Of View- I grab a glass of water from the side and walk over to Natalie as she ... Read Chapter

Chapter 35-

Chapter 35-  I relax on the sofa with Isaac on the other side with our feet up, every now and then we kick each other just to be... Read Chapter

Chapter 36-

Chapter 36-  The memory of her death haunted me, it haunted my dreams at night and it haunted me through out the day. The memory... Read Chapter

Chapter 37-

Chapter 37-  Walking in the door to the house and i hear the silence. Closing the front door behind me is the loudest reaction i... Read Chapter

Chapter 38-

Chapter 38-    Audrey is working on the cross trainer in the training room in The Terminal. Eaton walks over to her wit... Read Chapter

Chapter 39-

Chapter 39-  With the end of February fast approaching the students sit in their class trying to work hard for their end of year... Read Chapter

Chapter 40-

Chapter 40 -  Natalie's Point Of View- I follow two of the guards to the glass elevator standing two feet behind them. I tak... Read Chapter

Chapter 41-

chapter 41-  Natalie's Point Of View- I remember being carried out of The Dome barely alive, not that i wanted to be. After ... Read Chapter

Chapter 42-

Chapter 42-  I walk through the corridors in The Terminal making my way to The Medical Centre. This morning i received a ph... Read Chapter

Chapter 43-

Chapter 43-  With the wind blowing in through the windows of Adrian's home it sends shivers down Natalie's body. She rubs her ... Read Chapter

Chapter 44-

Chapter 44-  The nights feel so lonely, the days feel so dark. My life feels so empty and so does my heart. I turn the light on ... Read Chapter

Chapter 45-

Chapter 45-    I always liked watching the sun set at the end of the day, all the burnt oranges, the pink colour in the... Read Chapter

Chapter 46-

Chapter 46-  The gail of the wind bashed into the side of the house as Audrey sat at her dining room table trying to catch up ... Read Chapter

Chapter 47-

Chapter 47-  Natalie's Point Of View-  I always dread these days, the days where my names get called to enter The Dome.... Read Chapter

Chapter 48-

Chapter 48-  Audrey's Point Of View- Today is the last day of school, i never thought i was going to say that. The harshest ... Read Chapter

Chapter 49-

Chapter 49 - After all that chaos through out the day it still wasn't over. Once the test was over  those who completed the test... Read Chapter

Chapter 50-

Chapter 50-  Audrey's Point Of View- I clench onto the shovel as the sweat drips off my head. I lift my arms and brush away ... Read Chapter

Chapter 51-

Chapter 51- Natalie's Point Of View- The guilt had ridden me through out the night, haunting my memories of digging the hole for ... Read Chapter

Chapter 52-

Chapter 52-  Audrey's Point Of View-  The whole week i had this dreadful feeling about what could happen on the twenty ... Read Chapter

Chapter 53-

Chapter 53- I can't help but think i deserve all the pain i get in the world. Because of me and my friend six innocent people were ... Read Chapter

Chapter 54-

Chapter 54-  Isaac's Point Of View-  My body is thrown across The Dome as the bomb explodes in front of us. The burning... Read Chapter

Chapter 55-

Chapter 55- Audrey walks through the streets of Washington with her brother by her side. She sways her neck from side to side after ... Read Chapter

Chapter 56-

Chapter 56-  Anteroux Panolia is meant to be a place of safety but yet to the residents it was a place to fear. A place where th... Read Chapter

Chapter 57-

Chapter 57-  Audrey's Point Of View-  I wake to the sound of the cannon ringing into my ear, I look to the sk... Read Chapter