The mist

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This is a short story about a girl Called Brittany Bellow. Brittany was in a coma. She seen something and this is her story.

Submitted: October 06, 2013

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Submitted: October 06, 2013



Brittany  Bellow is in a helicopter the pilot got drugged and the helicopter started to fall the last thing Brittany Bellow the last thing she seen was when the helicopter was falling she seen a mist in a forest she also seen a waterfall. The helicopter fell crashed on the ground. Brittany doesn't  wake up and she doesn't remember nothing. She's in a coma and may not wake up. Brittany in her coma only thinks about is the forest she is walking around and seen the mist she walks in the mist and seen a shadow. She started to follow the shadow about the shadow went into the water fall so Brittany followed. Everyday Brittany would have the same thinking section until one day. Brittany the mist and seen the seen the mist and walked through the mist she seen the shadow.  Brittany grab the shadow and seen it was herself  she looked confused she looked around. She seen a letter and picked it up she read it on the letter it said "Brittany Bellow you died of a tragic death and you will not be able to leave this place ever again i wrote a song for you.

Baby don't you cry

I will hold you tight

You'll always be there in my heart

and you'll always be there in my soul

i miss you

you died of a tragic death

you were in a coma for 5 years

then one day your heart just gave up

now you can spend the rest of you're life with me

we can be partners again like we used to be

we can be a couple like before

but you need to hold my hand to get through the door

so baby don't cry

you'll be with me now

i will keep you safe

protect you through everything

i'll love you forever

and i'll never let you go

we will be together

forever and so

don't cry baby

Take my hand

hold me tight

you'll the light" The letter said 

Brittany started to cry and seen a hand come through past the mist. Brittany took a hold and it lifted her up. As she went up she seen her body lying on the ground dead next to all the fellow passengers and realised this was her time to go. So she took a hold of the hand and up she went  out the mist out the forest and out the water fall into heaven as the gates opened for her entrance.

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