This love not lost

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its a tale of true love.

Submitted: September 29, 2012

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Submitted: September 29, 2012



it feels so hard being in love

its not all hearts and turtle doves.

being so close to you is a dream

but i cant touch, i want to scream.

we laugh and we joke, but the thing that i miss

is the wondrous touch of your soft kiss.

i miss the fact that there was a time

when i was yours and you were mine.

it isn't as if we argued,  fought, or split up

just life's harsh medicine to sup.

yet each moment i'm with you is  a treasure so fine

though i can't be yours, its so sublime.

you have moved on and i understand why

but that doesn't stop the tears from my eye.

you are everything i ever wanted and more

i love you so deeply, from my very core.

it isn't my bed which you sleep in at night

nor do you wake wih me at first light.

its not important as it is so blatently clear

you are cherished, loved and held very dear

so i will continue to follow through thick and thin

as losing you once more would be a sin.

you loving another rips my soul and my heart

i have always known, even from the very start

that life without you is bleak , at at the best

so i will endure this, my toughest of tests.

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