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Something I started recently. Need some input!!!

Submitted: June 23, 2017

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Submitted: June 23, 2017



He was as white as snow. His once luscious lips now stone cold. She stood there admiring her work no one would ever suspect her pretty face could have carried out. Felt good knowing that.

She had always been a sight to see. Always had some fool tripping over his own feet trying to impress her. The thought came to her while a young lad was trying to please her heart . Of course she always found great humor how silly they always looked while doing such act . I mean she was one with class and proper eddecit . One look into her gorgeous eyes and you swore you were in love. With that being said, why not use it to her advantage ? So she did. She was always careful to make sure they never knew about each other . When they did, well let's just say a concrete slab would soon have their name on it. Very experienced by now thanks to her being an agent in the states she knew her stuff and she knew it well. It was such a shame for her first victim. He was born into riches and a loving family . Something she would have married into but this poor soul was too noisey for his own good. Off into the woods it was where his body would be discovered three days later due to the decaying smell and the wildlife it drew in.

It was a warm breezy summer day. It was calm with not much happening.

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