The Heat

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
A wace of uncertainty washed over Chester when the love of his life turned him down. He almost lost his footing.

Submitted: March 26, 2020

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Submitted: March 26, 2020



'Don't fancy me a sheep in wolf skin. Nay, don't fancy me a sweet soul. I'm neither. I'm as savage as could be and what with me telling you this, I just want the best for you. If you pay heed, you'll be doing good to tour person.' said I.


Catherine sobbed. 'Nay. Permit me to live the lie. I love my own version of you and I believe that by damning yourself thus far, you're only going to extremities to push me away'


I sighed. I had the mind to say yes just to get her off her wailing, but I hadn't the heart to assign her to a life of eternal misery and torment. 'Nay, Catherine. Go to your Father's house wherein live people that will genuinely love and cherish you. As I said, and as I repeat, I'm a brute, I'm a beast. Even then, I dare not fancy to be the cause of your misery. Nay, Catherine. Make haste and be away to yonder father.' With that said, I turned, hauled myself onto my stallion and without a second glance at the wailing creature, galloped away.


A few days after that incident, I sat in the kitchen eating pancakes. My eyes were glued to the boiling kettle on the stove but my mind was full of Adele. I was running mad, aye. I never had a rest and the more I tried to shut her out, the more I thought about her.


Mom, who sat on a stool in the conner knitting had sensed my morose mood and hadn't said a word. We heard a knock on the door. She abandoned her knitting and went to the door. A moment later, she returned with Samuel. 'Chester, your friend is here.'


My eyes locked with Samuel's and I forced a smile. He just shook his head and inquired about my health.


'I'm faring quite well.' was my response.


He swirled and posed, causing Mom to raise an eyebrow. 

'How do I look? Have I changed?'


I rolled my eyes at his attempt to lighten the mood. 


Apparently, "You look beardy" wasn't the answer he was seeking for.


He glowered at me. 'We need to talk.'


I shrugged. 'Upstairs then.'


We headed up and as soon as he had closed the door behind us, he nudged me in the ribs a little too painfully. I pretended to not mind.


'Why did you do that?' he asked. 


I stared at him. 'Do what?'


He groaned. 'Catherine, huh? Come on, speak up.'


I edged towards my messy bed. 'Catherine what? I know Catherine, what have I got to do with her though?'

He stuffed his hands into his pockets. 'Why did you blow her off like that?'


I shrugged a shoulder. 'Cut the crap, aye. I don't love her. I can't lead her on. Plus, I'm not all up for love at the moment.'


He stared at me curiously. 'Not all up for it, huh? Could there be another reason? A certain Adele, to be precise?'

I just stared at my carpet and said nothing.


Samuel sighed. 'Ches, one whole month, one goddamn month, one whole goddamn month, and you're still grieving over Adele? It's common knowledge that she is dating Iris Rollins. Stop breaking your own heart and forget her.'


I felt my lower lip tremble and feared that I was going to cry. I felt the tears well up in my eyes but I refused to let them spill.


Samuel placed his arm around my shoulder and ruffled my hair. 'It's okay, Ches. It's okay to cry. Let it all out. Don't keep it in.'


That was all I needed. I let the tears roll down my cheek and didn't even try to wipe them off. Ever since Adele made it clear that I and her were never going to happen, I had tried to be strong and barricade my emotions in. I even tried to bury them but they somehow managed to resurface. At this moment, I just needed a release. I needed to cry my eyes out. I freed myself of Samuel's embrace and curled up on the bed sobbing.


As I stared at the gravestones around me, I could help replaying the encounter between Adele and the strange boy in my head over and over again. He had looked all to familiar but I was sure I had never seen him anywhere before. I bent down to pick up a lily on the somewhere wet ground and my cellphone vibrated. I ignored the lily and reached for the phone instead. It was a message from Adele. Mom had also called about four times. Four times! What was amiss? I called her back and she picked up in an instant.


'Iris, where in the world are you?' she asked.


'Close by.' I mumbled. 'Is anything the problem?'


'Everything is the problem!' she exclaimed irritably. 'Come home immediately.'


'Right.' I said and started hurrying home. I stopped in mid track a few inches away from the lynch gate and gasped. 'Oh my! It's the boy!' I recalled when I was in a trance and had visited a certain Victorian house and that same Chester boy had been messing around with a younger girl whom I assumed to be his little sister. Why had it taken me so long to remember?


I ran at full pelt to the grocery store and found Ben seated on a bench just outside. His eyes lit up as soon as I approached. I bet he thought I was there for gossip. 


'Look who came! Me youngling! Yer takes ages ter come check o' ol' Ben, don' yer?'


I smiled apologetically. 'Been busy, Ben. How have you been?' I asked but didn't wait for an answer. 'Where does Chester live?'


'Chester Hayes, yer mean?' he asked.


I hardly knew the boy's surname but nodded anyway. He gave me directions and as soon as he had finished, I thanked him and sauntered off. I had a thing or two to settle with Chester Hayes.   

© Copyright 2020 Annime. All rights reserved.

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