Dreams by AnnMarie

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I was not able to sleep one night and just started typing and this is what came of it....

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011




As a young child I had always dreamt big,

And as the years had passed by I began to truly live.

Though I must state with unwilling regret that in every dream there were faults,

Things of unwant, parts I had never consciously thought about throughout my days,

But even though there were those dreadful ways of thinking that my mind had played upon me whilst in harmonious slumber,

My world began to plunder and down I would fall, with no balance or position to upright myself! And to have thought all throughout my days and years,

That I had it all figured out, that was of course until I began to pay more close consideration to my peers.

They all seemed to have not only figured but planned the multiple years ahead of them!

And to think that I had so recently settled on a career of sorts to which I wanted my future to hold,

There was no doubt about the unconscious side to my developing mind, it was far beyond time to become solid and bold.

Therefore I began to trick my mind in both unconscious and cognizant state that I had much to plan and not a minute to wait.

Just like the stories my mind had conceived through many nights of dreams, I took the reins and suffered the pain of the past to take better control of my future.

The plan laid out just like the river side rocks by the Mississippi,

I had to then travel to the future in my cataleptic state to find a future that was thought best befitting of me and began to lay the foundations while taking in the clear images around my open eyes.

My surroundings were almost unbelievable, some there was no argument were figments of my slumbering mind, but others I had to pay close attention to, if not then my mind would most definitely play tricks of disconcert and hatred.

I am but only twenty and have felt like I am forty. I have felt the love of family and true friends, but have also seen and felt the hatred and ugliness of the world from a very young age. I do not hold any grudges and I have no enemies, but as I clearly know that many lives will end every moment, my life has just begun. I do plan to live it to the fullest and reap the wealth in any form they may take.

This is to include the love of my peers, my future love, and of the joyful possibility of the love of my future children as I watch them mingle through their slumbering states and encourage their open eyes.

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