End of the Light

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Amelia is getting ready to celebrate the annual anniversary with her boyfriend when something goes terribly wrong.


"Which do you think is the best?"

Courtney looked at me and rubbed her chin. "I don't know. Are you sure you want to wear a hat?"

"Why not? We're going on a boat trip, after all," I said and tried on a green hat with a white ribbon on.


"What?" I turned to look at her.

"They're a bit old-fashioned... Shouldn't you try something more modern. With that hat one, you remind me of a young woman from the early 1950's."

"Really? Do I really look like I'm from the past. I just want to look like a happy girl who's meeting up with her boyfriend for the first time after a year of distances," I said and started doubting the entire outfit. "Is my outfit just as bad?"

"No way! I just thought a hat was a bit too much." I didn't bother arguing. I knew she was just being nice to me, she was always like that. And above that, she's far more fashionable than me.

"Maybe I'll just try wearing a headband?" Courtney nodded in agreement. I smiled. We always agreed at something in the end, no matter what. That's why we've sticked together all these years, despite our differences. Her being the fashionable, popular and photogenetic beauty, and me stuck being the booksmart, plain school girl.

"When are you going to meet up?" Courtney asked curiously. After breaking up with her last boyfriend, which was two weeks ago, she hang more often with me, which I was both grateful and slightly annoyed about.

"At the bridge, in the middle between our homes," I said.

"Ah, happy couple meetings. Classics," Courtney said and smiled playfully.

"Very funny, Diva." It was my nickname for her, since she somehow suited the name.

"No problem, bunny face." Right back at me. She had always teased me for my dark marble-like eyes, just a rabbit's. Plus, I was really fond of carrots.

Courtney smiled once again. I started to undress. My cellphone started vibrating and I grabbed it quickly. I pressed OK and held it up towards my ear. "Hello? Hi... You want me to bring food? No, I don't mind... What's that noise in the background? A movie? Your sister is... It sounds a bit like moaning... She is? Man, you were right, I guess. OK, I'll see you later."

"I don't know if I should question that conversation or shut it," Courtney said and leaned forward in the chair. "Was that your boyfriend just now? Don't you think it was a bit suspicious for him to talk in the same room as his sister when they fight as often as they do?"

"Nah, it's probably nothing. They have their moments, you know," I said and grabbed my purse at the nightstand. "If you can excuse me, I have a meal to make."

"Lovey-dovey lunch," Courtney said, ducking and laughing as I threw a pillow at her. "What? I'm telling the truth here!"

"And I'm not avoiding it," I said before she got the chance to. "Please, just... Watch TV or something. More couple talks from you, and I'll make sure to keep your mind rolling. Literally."

Courtney faked a nervous swallow. I rolled my eyes and exited the room. Time to make some sandwiches.

After finishing the last one, I wrapped a blanket around them and put them in a basket. I added plastic plates and two cans of Coca Cola. For the last few minutes, happy butterflies had literally been jumping instead of flying around in my stomach and made me feel great joy. This was a day we would both enjoy. I started humming on Taylor Swift's Love Story as I cleaned up in the kitchen afterwards. Meanwhile, Jennie had somehow been able to sneak in past me and grab an unwrapped sandwich. I shouted at her as I noticed her and groaned when she ran away. She was my little sister. My very annoying little sister.


The bridge between our homes was an old stone bridge from WW2. When I reached the point we were supposed to meet, I noticed he hadn't arrived here yet. Well, I admit I was a bit early today. Keith... the name of my beloved boyfriend. We hadn't really gone past kissing passionately, and we both knew our limits. Our relationship couldn't have been better.

Ten minutes passed by. Fifteen... Twenty... Twenty-two... I looked at the clock on the other side. It was 16:27. My hands tightened around the handle of the basket. A few more minutes went by. I started to become worried. I decided to go to Keith's house and see what took him so long.

Keith lived in Cherry Street, near the outside of town. It was named after the park of cherry trees nearby. It was a pretty street for someone who was into art or photographing. Or, in my case, romance. It was actually quite romantic standing here, even by yourself, looking at all the green gardens, cosy houses and colourful plants everywhere. I finally arrived my goal, Keith's house, which was yellow and had two floors. I knocked on the door. Keith's sister (mentioned earlier), Katherine, opened and looked at me with sleepy eyes, even though it was late in the afternoon.

"Looking for Keith, eh?" she asked and leaned against the door. I nodded slightly. "He's upstairs. Been there for a while now." I followed her inside, as she closed the door and left me alone after telling me to just find my way to his room. I did exactly as she told me to. A secret of Keith's was that he still had coloured letters in front of his door, writing K-Man. Without thinking, I opened it slightly and looked inside. It was completely dark. I opened the door a bit more, turned on the light and revealed the greatest shock of my life.

In the bed, Keith's bed, was my boyfriend sleeping with a woman I had never seen before. Frozen on the spot, I dropped the basket, letting it fall to the floor. Keith got slowly into sitting position, rubbing his eyes slowly. Looking at me, he seemed to be just as shocked as me. Mixed emotion, shapeless and out of control, formed themselves into tears and started rolling down my cheeks. My face was surely pale, as I looked at the guy I had loved for so long.

"How...?" I managed to get out.

"I can explain," he said, trying to stay calm as well as trying to calm me down.

"Explain? Explain what? The fact that you're half-naked with someone who's not your girlfriend? The fact that you've broken our promise and forgotten all about it? The fact that today is our anniversary? How... How rude."


"No. I don't want to hear it. I don't want to." I turned away from him. He crawled out of bed and walked towards me. His cool hands touched my shoulders. I shook them off. He tried again, but this time I reacted. I grabbed the basket and threw it at him. He covered his face with his arms and took a step back as he was hit by the flying object. The sandwiches escaped and landed on different places in the room.

A groan came from the woman in the bed. She wore a simple green and black bra, partly hidden behind her long red hair. Her eyes were golden brown and looked rather heavy. "Keithie... What's all the noise? Come back to bed..." She woke up for real this time and noticed me. "Who are you?"

"Both of you, I can explain everything," Keith said and looked from me to her and back at me.

"I am just going to say one thing. We're THROUGH!" I ran out of the room, not bothering to even close the door. This turned out to be the worst day ever.


After hours and hours of crying, my ears were empty for tears. I couldn't go on, which made me neither worse nor better. Courtney sat next to me, having a hand to pat my shoulder gently.

"It's ok, Amelia. You'll get over Keith," she told me softly.

"How can I? We dated for a year. And he was my first love..." I started sobbing, yet no tears came.

"I know it's never easy to get over a first love, but you have to realize the fact that Keith cheated on you."

"I realized that three hours ago. I just can't believe he'd do this to me." My voice weakened. "He was everything to me, but he actually dared and forgot everything we had planned. We talked about it for weeks! Over the phone, but still...!"

"Get it, I get it. You're awfully angry, we get it. Look, to be perfectly honest, sometimes the perfect guy isn't the perfect one for you."

"He was the ideal boyfriend, Courtney!"

"But he cheated on you, which makes him not ideal. The ideal boyfriend wouldn't cheat, would he?"


"Look, I'll make it up to you. My house, tomorrow. We're gonna find you a new man!"

"It's only been half a day," I said.

"So what? We're girls, Amelia. We're meant to flirt with handsome guys. Get over Keith and get on with your life."

"You're right!" I stood up, then sat down. "But I'm not good at flirting. Besides, what if someone resembles Keith in any way? I might hit him or scream or... or..." I put my face in my hands.

"I'll find someone totally not like Keith. Trust me."

I know it was stupid to trust Courtney, but I wouldn't let a broken heart stop me. There was no way in hell.

Friday night, three days after the incident, I put on some nice clothes, did my hair, put on light makeup and forced myself to leave the house and go to Courtney's place. I could hear music from inside, and it took some time for someone to open up. Courtney had gone big. She threw a party, just to find me a guy. Aw, thank you, I wanted to say, but I decided to stay cool.

Inside, the smell of alcohol and chips and grapefruit filled the air. A bunch of teenagers were here, more than I could recognize at all. They seemed to have a great time, typical at parties like Courtney's. Speaking of Courtney, before I knew it, she had pressed me in between some guys of a different school. They greeted me and grinned, but not in a creepy way. Because I didn't know them, I had no idea what to say, so I stayed quiet.

After an hour of conversations with several guys, I sat down to take a break. I noticed someone next to me. He was only a bit taller than me, with messy brown hair and blue eyes. He looked kind of cool, with a cold appearance, but a warm heart. He noticed me and we ended up looking at each other for a bit.

"Hi..." I said shyly.


"Are you by yourself?" I asked, then regretting asking.

"Yeah..." he answered.

"Me too."

"Why?" He looked at me again, a little more interested now.

"I had a rather rough break up with my boyfriend a few days ago. My friend threw this party to help me gain confidence."

"Really?" He seemed indifferent. "My girlfriend cheated on me with someone else. My big brother in college. She was at his age, by the way."

"You must've been really popular, then."

"Not really. I confessed to her. She was single, and had no reason to reject me, really."

"Oh... I see. What's your name?"


"My name's Amelia. I'm seventeen."

"I turned eighteen last month."

"Happy birthday."

He looked at me and smiled slightly. "You're not so bad. Kind of interesting, actually."

"You too. You seem to be a good guy."

"You're honest, I like it."

"You're cool." I covered my mouth with my hand.

He laughed for a bit. "Thanks. I've been called a lot of things, but cool is a new one."


"No." I was surprised. "Just kidding. You should've seen yourself now."

We laughed for a while and had a good time, the two of us. People danced, but we just sat there and conversed with each other. After an hour or so, Jake got up and messed with my hair. "I'll see you some other time. Call me." He waved and walked off. I noticed something on top of my head, took it and read it. He had given me his number.

Courtney walked over with a smile. "How's it going, Cinderella?"


She noticed the note and looked at it. "Oh, he gave you his information. You go, girl. This must be the start of a good relationship. And maybe it'll turn into something else."

"Yeah..." My cheeks turned into a light shade of red. "Something else... Something much, much deeper..."


Submitted: September 11, 2010

© Copyright 2021 ANNO. All rights reserved.

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Well, I was planning on maybe writing a sequel of this one.

Sun, September 12th, 2010 4:33am

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