The Happy Woman

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A short, to the point little thing I though of while having breakfast: A short scene showing the last moments of twisted happyness for this woman. Is her feelings possible to understand or is she plain crazy? What do you think?

Submitted: August 16, 2012

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Submitted: August 16, 2012



She woke up quite a bit earlier then usual that morning, for it was a morning too good to waste away sleeping. She took her time stretching and enjoying the soft, warm blankets on her bare skin and the gentle sunlight slipping through the white curtains.
It was indeed a lovely morning, the best for a very long time. She felt so much better now when she wasn't made to get up at five A.M and make breakfast, clean up the mess made over the few hours she got to sleep and then have to clean it all up again three hours later. All the while having to endure him. Him! Her smiling face twitched at the mere though of him. He and his nasty way of living, his dirty personality, his cruel comments and his filthy hands on her body. She could not belive God had not wished for her to remain with him, nor his stupid brats.
She had been so patient, so faithfull, so hardworking and generous. Sutch a fine woman she was! And yet God had felt it neccesary to punish her so harshly.

None the matter now, she though happily and thanked the Lord once again for having let her break free. She would have to leave this house, her job, prehaps even her country but she didn't care. She didn't want to remain amongst all her painful memories anyway.
She heard the sirens of an firetruck somewhere in the distance, or prehaps it was an ambulance? She had never been able to tell the difference between them anyway. Feeling far more woken up then she normally did before her cup of coffee she jumped out of bed, got dressed and hurried downstairs. She scuttered through the incredibly messy kitchen, staining her socks with the thick spilled fluid on the floor. She giggeled and gave her husband's body a swift kick before jumping over it and their five children as she made her way to the door.

The sirens were alot closer now. Too close. She carelessly went out the front door anyway, greeting the police with a great, big smile.
This was indeed the best morning of her life.

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The Happy Woman

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