Let Her Go

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic
The poet wants to help her friend to get out of her traumatic past where she was once abused by someone she loved.

Submitted: September 12, 2016

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Submitted: September 12, 2016



Where the lights refuse to shine,

She is caught in the darkness of her heart within.

She desperately wants someone to save her,

But she just won’t let anyone in.


Her fear of being abandoned is strong,

The more she tries to let it go, her will simply fades.

Her labours seem to be in absolute vain,

But I know that her heart still beats those beautiful colour shades.


I can’t ever really understand her,

One minute she holds on, the next she can’t stand my sight.

If only she would have faith she so claims she has in me,

I would drive her out into that pure bright light.


She doesn’t realize how much she is loved,

Sometimes it seems she just wants to be blind.

I try so hard to make her see the truth,

But I just can’t reach her heart or her mind.


She wants me to be there for her,

Without knowing the pains that she causes my heart.

I just hoped she’d just try to reach out her stained hands,

And break that huge wall she built, right apart.


Even if she sees that his hand has a hold on her too strong,

Can she move on from that time she was left in the cold?

Or does she just want to stay there forever?

Has she found some profound peace in that hell hole?


That man has passed on long before,

It seemed like he really had nothing to lose.

She is the only one stuck in that God-awful time,

But to get out of there is just her decision to choose.


That little girl in her still cries,

Going through so much pain that can be fathomed by none.

She is just as broken as her little wrecked doll,

That she’s made her friend since she was that young.


That evil scar he left on her,

Let me help mend it for you.

Let her find that broken smile she once lost,

Give her that chance to find your happiness new.


It’s time to say goodbye to her now,

You want freedom and she does too, maybe more.

Please try to loosen the grip on that girl,

And towards the heavens, let her soar!


That wall you have to break,

I’m right here toiling to break it on the other side.

But it’s you who has set yourself free from its core,

And run towards that door, break open and let out your triumphant cry.


I want to show you what the world has to offer,

The battle you fight within yourself can finally be won.

Find a new destiny, you precious child,

And go see the beautiful world, and with me, run towards that setting sun.




© Copyright 2020 annwrites. All rights reserved.

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