Am I the only one ?

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Reading about the innocent people burned alive in Kenya for supposedly been witches really made me begin to question Humanity. How people can actually watch someone die, someone burn alive and think they have done a good thing ? Met some moral obligation, probably even feel proud of themselves. How can anyone be in such a mind set, to justify someones death.You might say it is because they are a different culture, they are less educated, they can not comprehend the same as say someone in our society. Thats what I use to think, but really the majority of our society is no better. How many people would shoot someone else rather than be shot themselves. For me this has always be an easy question, I would rather die than kill someone else. Yet nearly everyone I asked would do the opposite. Are people really that selfish are we really that cowardly ? Am I the only one who is scared by this, who is scared that humanity is really as black as such witchhunting examples show. How many people who we see everyday are capable of murder, who are just a situation away from shooting you in the head. Is evil a lot more present than we would like to believe.
Therefore my poem reflects this.

Submitted: November 25, 2011

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Submitted: November 25, 2011




Am I the only one?

Does anyone else question what is wrong ?

Is everyone drive by money ?

Does everyone think its funny ?

Is everyone else conforming ?

Is everyone else just boring ?


Someone else must think like me

There has to be a we

Someone else who can see

Who wants to be free

Who doesn’t want to be selfish

But just feels helpless.


Im not the only one

It's not only me who thinks its wrong

Who questions why people have to die ?

Who doesn’t get why people lie ?

It can’t just be me who wants to see

Must I Run away...must I flee.

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