A response to the average creationist - A poem.

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I get a bit frustrated with creationists. And when I need to vent I do it in poem form. So here it is.

P.s. This poem is not an attack towards theists or those who choose to follow a religion, it is just me venting about people who ignore facts and science. History deniers, known as creationists, particularly the Young Earth ones.

I'm no poet and poetry is not a very practiced medium of mine, so yes, my poems are pretty bad. But I have fun writing them and expressing through them, so meh.

Yes, not all the words rhyme. Don't shoot me.

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011



When science and logic cease to be
And cognitive skills are lost in the sea
Of ignorance, faith and blind belief
Your asininity ceaselessly baffles me.

I glean all the information I can carry
I try to skeptical and not to tarry
Over banalities, rumors and others that marry
With conspiracies, mere ideas, many contrary.

But instead - history you choose to deny
And think it is more likely, this you imply
That suddenly all living things from the whale to the fly
Were made by a watchmaker who lives in the sky.

How many thousands of years ago? Six!
Along with the heavens, the earth, the universe's matrix
This does more than raise the eyebrows of a few sceptics
But argues with the science of the double helix.

Juxtaposing the method and with faith sided
Leaving science and fact to be derided
Do you think you have really, fully resided
In reality? Or are just refuted, mad and misguided?

How dare the name of science you defile
With creationist nonsense – search for “Dover Trial”
Find it, research it and all the while
As absurdities are uncovered you can see me smile.

Your arguments are uneducated and terribly weak
You do not want the answers you “so wish to seek”
Like a blinded canary with a chattering beak
Fervid remarks, although false, you still speak.

So next time you tell me “evolution is wrong”
Or “I am no monkey” and begin to say long
And increasingly tedious points you think are strong
I will just remind you of where you belong.

Back in a reasonable education
Maybe you can begin a kind of emancipation?
Perhaps science can show you a true situation?
And prevent you indoctrinating the next generation.

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