The Darkness in Mind

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Another old one I found. I'm glad a have writing as an outlet instead of just keeping it all in. If any of you are thinking about it, please don't. I beg of you. We can't afford to lose another beautiful soul.

Submitted: December 27, 2013

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Submitted: December 27, 2013



Thoughts of suicide override positive vibes

I can’t even begin to describe the darkness in mind

The battle within myself is often hard to hide

But fake smiles and “I’m OK’s” have been getting me by

Why do I hate life? Why do I want to die?

The other side seems so much better than merely trying to survive

I’m alive, but dead inside so why not say goodbye?

I’m tired of lying and wasting everybody’s time

A silent argument rages between myself and I

I keep saying fucking do it but myself says “give it time.”

An accidental overdose would be a blessing in disguise

Because it’s no longer fun, I’m done with this shitty ride

To decide death is my right. That, no one can deny

I’m not leaving much behind besides drug addiction and crime

And a mother who may cry, but really Mom, it’s fine

Ever since I can remember I’ve fantasized about dying

They say it’s the easy way out, but how about you give it a try?

I’ve been convincing myself for years and finally it’s time

To slip off into deep sleep, the long and peaceful kind

Because there’s no peace on earth to find for me, myself and I

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