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This is a terminology guide to my series - Jago: The Millennium Galaxy Race, Jago: The Past and Jago: The Future. It will be updated as the story progresses.

Submitted: May 21, 2014

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Submitted: May 21, 2014



Jago: Millennium Galaxy Race Guide (This will be updated as I make changes)


Ships and Crew

The Jago – The bounty hunting space ship commanded by Captain Cashel

Cashel – The Captain of the Jago: Former Millennium Galaxy Racer

Age: approximately 59 HYs (Human Years) ; approximately 2360 SYs (Specie Years)

Species: Rare and unknown. But they age 40 times slower than humans. They live to be 4,000 years old or 100 HY. His species is able to nullify other species’ power

Home Planet: Unknown. Liptoe?

Hair color: bald. Long white beard. Brown in The Past

Eye color: dark brown. Unknown in MGR

Description: Was a former Millennium Galaxy Racer who is skilled in combat, particularly with a sword. He is also a skilled technician who has designed and created many weapons. In his early days he was cold and ruthless but later he changed and became a very caring and social man. He is also the Captain of the Jago.


Tamsin aka “Tammy” – Navigator/Pilot/Doctor/Technician/Mechanic/Tactician: The last Livindev

Age: 14 HYs ; 14 SYs

Species: Mechanite and Livindev

Home Planet: Thereon

Hair color: Translucent silver. And it glows!

Eye color: light brown

Description: She’s a type of species supposedly void of human emotions but her encounter with Sarth has her questioning this. She is able to manipulate electronic devices with her hair and is a child prodigy in the eyes of her species. She is also the last Livindev, which would allow her to inhabit any electronic device even after her death. Because of this, she fled her home planet to join Cashel’s crew.


Akiko aka “Kiko” and “Aki” – Extractor: Greatest Fighter in the Galaxy

Age: 18 HYs ; 36 SYs

Species: Eyes of Blue

Home Planet: Drogonaaz

Hair color: Brown. Usually in a ponytail

Eye color: Grey when suppressing power. Vibrantly glowing blue at full power

Description: As the “True Kai”, she is the strongest fighter in the galaxy with an abundant amount of power. She does not wish to be the True Kai, and has spent most of her time suppressing her power. After joining the Jago, her skills have contributed greatly to the team, being the main bounty extractor she has caught hundreds of bounties with the crew. Her title though, has caused other powerful opponents to try and find her to take her title and power.


Rei – Intel Gatherer/Sharpshooter: The most wanted Eyes of Red

Age: 14 HYs ; 28 SYs

Species: Eyes of Red

Home Planet: Drogonaaz

Hair color: Long and brown

Eye color: Hazel. Turns red while sensing another Eyes of Red

Description: Appears as carefree and impulsive, but cares deeply for her friends. She can be the motherly figure when it comes to children, but she knows how to handle herself in sticky situations.


Trash aka “Sarth” – Companion: The only human in the crew

Age: 16 HYs

Species: Human

Home Planet: Sola

Hair color: Black and short

Eye color: Hazel

Description: After being abducted from his home planet Sola, Trash is renamed Sarth by his saviors and inducted as a crewmember of the bounty hunting ship Jago.


The Breccan – The bounty hunting space ship commanded by Captain Breccan

Breccan – Captain of the Breccan

Age: unknown. ~25

Species: unknown

Home Planet: unknown

Hair color:

Eye color:


Lux – 2nd in Command of the Breccan, and his right-hand woman.

Age: unknown. ~20

Species: unknown

Home Planet: unknown

Hair color: Long and golden. Ponytail

Eye color: Green


Pippa – Lead mechanic on the Breccan

Age: ~14 HYs ; SYs unknown

Species: unknown

Home Planet: unknown

Hair color: Red

Eye color: Green


Shihon – One of Breccan’s best hunters.

Age: unknown.

Species: unknown. A type of lizard species with green bumpy skin.

Home Planet: unknown

Hair color: none

Eye color: yellow

Hunter – lizard-like, walks on all fours and two legs, not human

“You didn’t gather crew members; you’ve gathered friends who’ve all chosen to stay by your side… for any choice you make.”


Tobiah – One of Breccan’s best hunters.

Age: unknown. ~25

Species: unknown. Known to despise humans because of their previous treatment from them.

Home Planet: unknown

Hair color: none. Always wears a hood.

Eye color: yellow with red irises

Hunter#2 – beast-like, half-human, doesn’t like humans. “He hates humans. Where he’s from, humans were the predominant creatures and ruled over all other species.”



The Constance – The smuggler space ship commanded by Captain Balt

Balt – Captain of the Constance

Age: 34 HYs ; 34 SYs

Species: Human

Home Planet: Crux

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Black

Description: A carefree, happy-go-lucky smuggler who cares deeply for his friends. He also has an obsession with weapons and collects them.


Finola – Crewmember of the Constance

Age: ~50 HYs ; SYs unknown

Species: Premon

Home Planet: unknown

Hair color: Black and speckled grey

Eye color: Black

Description: As the oldest of the crewmembers, Finola usually takes care of the cooking and cleaning on the Constance. She is also able to tell the future, which Balt has great fun in discovering what the future holds.


Verena – Navigator/Pilot/Technician/Mechanic for the Constance

Age: 14 HYs ; 14 SYs

Species: Mechanite

Home Planet: Thereon

Hair color: Translucent silver. And it glows!

Eye color: Light blue

Description: As a typical Mechanite, Verena takes care of the maintenance of the Constance. Like Tammy, she is seen as a genius amongst other Mechanites. Unlike Tammy however, she has no background in medicine, or talent as a tactician.


Other People

Ozias – The descended of the one who killed the first True Kai and therefore has a split part of Kiko’s soul stone which appears on his forehead. He is one of the strongest Eyes of Blue who is obsessed with finding and destroying Kiko to claim her soul stone and title of “True Kai”.



What Ozias’ soul stone looks like

Age: 30 HYs ; 60 SYs

Species: Eyes of Blue

Home Planet: Drogonaaz

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Blue

Vero – The leader on Dezner and Cashel’s friend.

Stellan – Vero’s son

Jotham – Met on Tizarr. Has a history with the crew of the Jago.

Lone – Sarth’s oldest friend whom he thought was dead before she saves him and Tammy on Tizarr.

Age: 16 HY

Species: Human

Home Planet: Sola

Hair color: Dirty blonde

Eye color: Blue

Malachy – A livindev contained inside of a Super Mech. He knew Tammy before she joined the Jago.

Age: Unknown

Species: Livindev contained in a Super Mech

Home Planet: Thereon

Hair color: none

Eye color: none


Places / Planets

Sola –The home planet of Sarth aka “Trash” and Lone. This planet has two suns which is why it is pretty much a desert planet full of sand and heat.

Crux –  The political planet that the ruler of the galaxy created in order to govern the galaxy. It is the “core” of the galaxy.

Dezner – A recently discovered uninhabited planet by the Jago crew. It is now used for mining resources and sent back to Crux. There is only one village on this planet (since it’s still very new).

Fargon – This planet is stuck to a black hole. The only thing holding it back is a strong elemental substance called “sage” that is being expelled into the planet’s atmosphere, creating a protective sphere.


Tizarr – A water planet with islands that sink at random intervals. The main species is the Attar Herb Rewe. They are able to survive both on land and in the water.

Glutvagant – An over-populated, metropolitan planet known to house the galaxy’s biggest black-market for anything illegal.


Thereon – The home planet of Tammy. This planet is actually comprised of two planets. The larger one “Populous” houses the majority of the Mechanites. The smaller planet, “Origin” is the political, higher-up planet.

Drognaaz – home planet of Akiko, Rei, Ozias, and Draven. It is one of the most vicious planets in the galaxy. The planet is always in a constant state of war and it breeds some of the galaxy’s most feared warriors.



Millennium Galaxy Race – A grand race in which species can participate. The winner receives Vo, the greatest power in the galaxy, and the title to rule it for a thousand years. After the thousand years, the Vo stone breaks up into four smaller stones and disperses throughout the galaxy. The Millennium Galaxy Race is held to see who the next ruler will be by collecting the four stones and bringing them together.

Elemental Stone – One of the Vo stones. The first stone collected by the crew of the Jago on the planet of Fargon.

Morph Stone – One of the Vo stones. The second stone collected by the crew of the Jago on the planet of Tizarr.

Subliminal Stone – One of the Vo stones. The third stone that was attempted to be collected by the crew of the Jago, but Ozias obtained it first on Glutvagant.

Tech Stone – One of the Vo stones. The fourth and final stone collected by the crew of the Jago on the planet of Thereon.

Vo – A powerful stone that grants its obtainer the power to rule the galaxy.

Eyes of Blue “EoB” – A species of people that live on Drogonaaz. They are bred to be warriors. Their eyes turn into a glowing blue after their first kill (of another Eyes of Blue). They are physically much stronger than a human with a much keener sense. They are also able to link to an inanimate object with their soul stone to greater heighten their power.  They are said to possess no fear and crave killing.

Eyes of Red “EoR” – A species of people that live on Drogonaaz. Their eyes glow bright red when sensing an Eyes of Blue. They are able to see the amount of power of an Eyes of Blue. Their powers come from their eyes, with the ability to see through another’s eyes, or through multiple eyes at once. They can also soul link (see soul linking below for more).

Soul Stone (EoB) – Eyes of Blue are able to compress their power into the form of a stone. This allows them to become nearly invincible because they cannot die unless their stone is destroyed after being summoned. However, they must always be near the stone to use its full potential (it’s usually on their body somewhere but can also be embedded on a weapon) and it will not disappear until they kill the person that the stone appeared for. The further and longer away they are from the stone, the more human they become.

Only the True Kai has a white stone.

Soul Linking (EoR) – Eyes of Red can soul link with another being (even through different species) in order to strengthen their sight and be able to share it with the person they’re linking with. But they also share each other’s pain and emotion. If the EoR who made the connection is killed, then both users die. They cannot sense other EoR however, with the exception of Rei.




Kai – The highest rank an Eyes of Blue can achieve. In The Past, there are only 5 Kai’s in all of Drogonaaz.

True Kai – The title of the greatest fighter in the galaxy. It’s been said that the True Kai was created by the previous ruler of the galaxy (Vo wielder). They’re rumored to have immense and unparalleled power.

Roju – An Eyes of Red title of the protector of the Arilith Clan realm.

Quallie – Title of the greatest fighter on the planet of Sola. They are the body guard to the boss of the underground slave trade.


Items / Weapons

PC aka “Personal Companion” – made by Tammy

A small hovering robot made by Tammy when she was young because she wanted a friend and someone to talk to. Found and activated by Sarth when they land on Thereon.

Firestar – natural occurring

A tiny star that glows brightly when resonating with someone. For Kiko, Suri had one and that’s how Kiko’s love of stars began.

Data preserver – made by unknown

A small rectangular device from Thereon. They were all supposed to be destroyed a long time ago. It is used by placing vocal data into a strand of Mechanite hair inside of it. It is able to preserve the data and display it even after its owner has deceased.

Memory flasher – made by unknown

A ring that is able to capture images as holograms and display them or send them to another memory flasher ring.

Shredder – made by Cashel

The hilt of a sword. When activated, it emits a blue beam in the shape of two swords and only slices through metal.

S.E.E.S. aka “Stimulus Enhancer Exoskeleton Suit”– made by Cashel

It works by predicting and enhancing your desired movements to your greatest physical extent without wearing you down.

Razalator – made by unknown

An insanely powerful blaster. It morphs around the user’s arm and is voice activated. A single blast can wipe out an entire city. This weapon is illegal and extremely rare.

Twineulator – made by Pippa

An attachment to a standard hand-blaster which can shoot out twine that is extremely strong but can be cut easily.

Stymer – made by unknown

A bracelet from Thereon that inhibits Mechanites from communicating with electrical devices.

Traverser – made by Cashel

A bracelet that allows its user to imagine a shape and project it on a solid object in order to phase through that object.

Ear-trans – made by Tammy, design by Nema

A device put into the ear in order to translate any language into one the user understands.

Vocal-trans – made by Tammy, design by Nema

A device put on the vocal cords of its user in order to speak the language of the person they’re directing their conversation to.

Eye-trans - made by Tammy, design by Nema

A device put on the eyes that allow its user to translate any read text into one they understand.

Earmics – made by unknown

A simple radio transmitter that fits in the user’s ear.

Disruptor ring – made by unknown

A ring that expels an electrical charge when the user feels threatened. This charge is also able to disrupt the electrical current that Mechanites process on, causing them to temporarily shut down, or lose consciousness as humans would.



Jago: The Past Guide (This will be updated heavily as the story progresses)




Tiberius – green eyes


Akiko aka “Kiko” and “Aki” – grey eyes

Rei – hazel eyes

Suri – hazel eyes

Kai Ozias – blue eyes

Kai Koba – blue eyes

Kai Enan – blue eyes

Kai Dirkal – blue eyes

Kai Saskia – light grey eyes

Tamsin aka “Tammy” – light brown eyes


Other People / Animals

HE0137 – A deranged Mechanite

  • Mechanite in charge of the Human Emotions Research team
  • Went crazy from the experiments he tried on himself.



Amabel – Rei’s babysitter. Suri’s neighbor. An older Eyes of Red woman who keeps to herself.

Sykel – Oldest and most loyal friend of Ozias. Same age as Ozias.



Mutape – a sticker-like electric tape that temporarily paralyzes vocal cords.



Genesis – Tiberius’ ship. Written in Orange.

Tyran – A pirate ship that was hunting the communication stone.




Species of Drogonaaz

Eyes of Blue

Eyes of Red


Species of Thereon




Places / Tribes / Clans

EoB: Three Supreme Tribes of Drogonaaz

Virad –The dominating: Largest Tribe: Kai Ozias

Where Ozias is from

Founded from the Kai who was able to break off a piece of the True Kai’s Soul Stone. This tribe has always had many dedicated followers. It is the oldest tribe.

Virad was the name of the Kai who challenged the first True Kai.


Sesien – The underhanded: Middle Tribe: Kai Koba

Who Kiko works for

Newest Tribe but strives to become the leading tribe of the EoB.

Its origin is unknown.


Kaleeni – The merciless: Smallest Tribe: Kai Saskia, Kai Enan, Kai Dirkal

Where Kiko is from

Smallest, but most vicious and strongest fighters. The only reason why they haven’t taken over the other two Tribes is because they fight amongst themselves too often which keeps their population down.


EoR: Two Clans of Drogonaaz

Umeris – Cooperate with the EoB tribes

Guards to the Valley of Gleaning

They are mainly farmers and scholars and keep to themselves.


Arilith – Against the EoB

Suri is a mistress of the Leader from this clan.

Rei is from this clan.

They are hunters and gathers and are raised to hunt and kill EoB in defense to their clan.


Valley of Gleaning – A large island where the Umeris Clan raises the children of the Eyes of Blue until the age of 10 HYs, 20 SYs.

Freiven Tribe – A small Eyes of Blue tribe that Ozias (age 12) killed the leader of and became their leader.

Oden Kuma Tribe – A Tribe with a Kaleeni Vife as its leader. The leader was captured by Sykel (age 18) of the Virad Tribe and brought forth to Ozias (age 18).


The Four Stones

Retaliation Stone – Retrieved by Cashel

Communication Stone – Retrieved by Cashel and Nema

Solitude Stone – Retrieved by Tiberius

Sound Stone – Retrieved by Tiberius


Customs / Events

Soul Stone Collecting (EoB) – Eyes of Blue who kill another eyes of blue to absorb the power of that person.

Soul Linking (EoR)

Ranks of the EoB

Lowest to highest

Jay, Sho, Yoon, Vife, Kai

Roju – Title of appointed protector of the Arilith Realm

Age of Darkness – A time when the Eyes of Blue were constantly fighting that they almost went extinct.



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A Kaleeni tribesman in battle with the Virads


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