Awake and asleep

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I awoke to the sound of hooves on the ground. Where was I?

Submitted: April 16, 2014

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Submitted: April 16, 2014



I awoke to the sound of hooves on the ground. Where was I? How did I get here? I look around. As far as my as my eyes could see was nothing but grassy flat field. There was a herd of bull running in circles around me about 30 yards out. I looked up to see the sky spinning as well. Dark Gray and black clouds spiraled above my head. Lighting shooting across the sky matched a rhythm found in the beat of the hooves. A tornado of fire touched down right on top of me. I was incinerated and cast into the air to rain upon the earth.
 Then I awoke to the sound of the ocean. I looked around and everything seemed larger than normal and it was awkward moving. I waddled over to the calm ocean and in the dark gray reflection of the sky I saw myself in the body of a bird. I flew higher and higher into the sky. The sky still dark and raining lightning. I was then taken by the lightning to become part of the lightning.
 Then I fell asleep. I slept and I dreamt I had a family and a job I had to go to and life was hard. But very much worth the struggle.
 Then again I awoke. And I was lightning running through the spiraling dark clouds. Creating and destroying. I struck the earth with all my might giving all my power to the earth.
 I awoke again to find myself floating in space. Spinning in a bright light. There were people living off of me and I was experiencing through them.
  Then I fell asleep. To wake into another and sleep again.
  Then I woke up. And there was nothing but me and nothingness.
  Then I decided to go back to sleep and dream some more dreams.
  Life is but a dream.

 - Anon Omus

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