Perceiving Religion

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There's so much going on about religion these's my input

Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012




People think they are better than everyone else, especially when it comes to religion.  Why do we think that just because we believe in a specific deity, or deities, that we call the shots and what we think is the truth?  All of them could be possible, or none of them could be true.  Atheists contradict themselves as wise modern people that conclude that there can be no such thing as a god.  They have a flaw, however.  They base their reasoning off of facts, not truth.

What if every religion existed?  What if Christians got sent off to heaven while Hindus reincarnated over and over to connect with Brahman?  What if Allah spoke to Muslims while the Buddha’s definition of enlightenment ruled his followers?  In 1935, Erwin Schrodinger came up with a paradox about a cat and a radioactive particle.  Both are put into a box, so while you can neither see the cat nor the atom, you do not know if the cat is dead or alive.  In fact, the cat has a better chance of being dead and alive rather than dead or alive.  This could demonstrate religion as well.  Put what is real into a box.  What is real is the facts, not necessarily the Big Bang, what is true in this world, even the things we do not know, such as how life on our planet began.  Then, put your religion into the box.  Since you don’t know whether your religion is real or not, you come to the conclusion that your religion is real and unreal at the same time.  If people followed this method, there could be fewer conflicts over powerful religions.

In social studies, we had to learn about the five major religions.  When I told my dad that I was going to learn about Islam, he was furious. He said that all Muslims are terrorists.  I told him that was false, that some Muslims are good and they must not be depicted as terrorists.  He responded back, “True, but can you think of any terrorists that aren’t Muslim?”  Stereotyping is part of the human nature.  When we see someone crying, we assume they are sad.  When we see people eating at McDonald’s all the time, we think that they will become fat.  When you stereotype a religion, you aren’t just criticizing a group of people, you are criticizing a culture, a way of life.  I have stereotyped that many scientists are atheists; not because I have anything against scientists, but it is hard to work out religious faiths with professional facts about our world.  Not all scientists are atheists, but do you know how hard it would be going to work believing one thing and coming home thinking another?

The city of Jerusalem is the perfect example of why religions need to end their clashes.  The Crusades make an interesting history lesson, but when you think about if all three religions could exist, how many lives could have been saved and how battles could’ve turn into democratic debates.  Racism is often involved with religions, but not many people are aware of it.  If you see an Indian girl, you have a right to believe that she is Hindu.  If you see someone from the Middle East, you think he is Muslim, but the diaspora of religions has proven that it is possible that someone from a specific decent is able to follow a different religion.

If you grow up in a Christian household, go to church, and then, when you’re older, realize that you agree with some Buddhist methods, does that make you Buddhist?  If you are a practicing Muslim but read the Torah does that make you Jewish?  Does that say that you are against your religion just because you are curious about others?  Do you dishonor yourself when you want to know how other people live their lives?  Guilt overcomes us, doubt settles in.  Just because you think some things doesn’t mean you believe it all the way.  When you realize that the idea of religion is absurd, ridiculous, and crazy doesn’t make you a bad person.  People like to surround themselves in things that are impossible.  If you think something’s crazy but, hey, let’s do it; that’s religion.  We don’t see our gods or witness many miracles that could have happened in ancient times, but we continue to follow and grow in our faith.  That’s why you don’t see many atheists or nonbelievers; because our ancestors and people from all over the world want to believe that their god, or leader, has existed at one point and time and that their messages are true.  But when what is real and what you believe collide, you have to choose what path to follow.

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