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Feelings returning for Kyle, as well as a new intrest.

Submitted: September 07, 2013

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Submitted: September 07, 2013



So, it’s now been two weeks and Paul hasn’t talked to me. He confirmed on facebook that we were no longer talking, but has not given me a reason why, but whatever I did must have been bad. He wouldn’t even tell me happy birthday. I miss him, but I guess it’s just time to move on. I never should have gotten involved with him in the first place. He has to talk to me again eventually, we are cousins after all.


School started again this week. It’s ok, but the school keeps school keeps messing up my schedule. I was really happy to find that Kyle wasn’t in any of my classes the first day. Then, I had to switch some classes and now we have the same math class. I keep seeing him everywhere and have found, I am in no way over him. It doesn’t help that everyone keeps talking about him.


He keeps dating a ton of freshman, and we’re seniors. And he’s just causing a bunch of drama, and even stealing his best friend’s girlfriend. Seeing him everywhere and hearing everyone talk about him makes me realize how much I miss him. Tomorrow’s his birthday, I don’t know if I should say happy birthday or not…


Even with that I’m trying to stay strong though. I still haven’t talked to him, and am trying to pursue a relationship with someone else. However he’s stuck on his last girlfriend, who is ironically, Kyle’s new girlfriend. He’s trying to move on by dating Kyle’s ex, Jamie. And now he’s asking me for help with her.


Today I saw my friend, Jenette. We’ve been friends since I was two. We’ve had some up and downs and she just moved back by me. In May she moved out to Washington, but because of some family issues, had to move back. It was great seeing her.


I made plans with her and her ex, Mason, for tomorrow, but had to cancel them. My Godson’s in the hospital and I have to watch his siblings tomorrow. I’m praying for him and any other prayers would be appreciated.


I spent the last week of summer in Florida, visiting my grandparents. It was a pretty relaxing vacation. I got to spend a day on an island and saw some dolphins and jellyfish that were bigger than my head.

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