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I have a secret for all my friends in band and more of my feelings for Paul.

Submitted: August 13, 2013

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Submitted: August 13, 2013



So yesterday, mini camp started for the marching band at my school. I’m not in marching band, but the better majority of my friends are, including Kathy, and my brother, Drew is one of the drum majors. Their mini camp lasts all week, then they have band camp all next week, and them I go to Florida for the last week of summer and don’t come home until the day before school starts. So because of that, I shouldn’t really be able to see them the rest of the summer, but I will, because I have a secret I can’t tell them…


Back in November, I was at one of the football games, not because I like football, I don’t understand it enough to have an opinion, but to see the band. I was sitting in the family section for the band, next to Kathy’s mom. In the second quarter the band left to go get ready for their halftime show and Kathy’s mom turned to me to ask for my help.


I’m really big into dance. I love dance, it’s practically my life. I take classes, teach at my dance studio, and run the team at my church. I love performing and practicing and choreographing; one day I’ll own my own studio. Kathy’s mom knows this and she asked me to choreograph a flash mob for the parents to do at the kids’ band camp. I was really excited, and agreed.


Around June, I started asking when they wanted to practice; they kept putting it off and putting it off. Last week they told me they didn’t have the time, which I already knew, so they came up with a new plan.


At band camp, Friday night, they have a dance. The parents are planning to play the cup song and when it comes on start doing the cup part, and I’m teaching them. So I was at mini camp yesterday and I probably will be again more this week, and possibly at band camp next week. It’s great, because I get to see all my friends, and piss off Kyle.


Kyle and Jamie saw me there yesterday and immediately got mad. I heard them talking about how there’s no way I joined band. They think I did just to see him, after everything he still thinks I want to be with him. Ha! I’m so done with that, but it’s really fun to see him get so mad over me just being at the school.


When I got home, I spent the night texting Paul. I know were cousins, but just talking to him and being with him feels right. We’re not technically in a relationship, but we’re acting like we are, it wouldn’t be any different if we were in one. I miss him a lot, and wish we could see each other, but we live kind of far apart. I think I might love him… it would be nice to actually see him, and once I get my car back for the school year, I plan on going up one weekend to visit the family. It’s kind of more exciting, because society bands it, and no one in my family would expect anything, because we’re cousins. I can’t wait to see him again…

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