The Spear

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

A girl gets found in the middle of a battle field by a man in a group of skilled warriors that are protecting their land from a war. They decided that this girl must be a noble because of how she is clothed, but they also suspect she may be a spy. The leader of the group then assigns Kaven, (the warrior that found her) to protect her until they get to the bottom of her mystery. He sees her as a burden, that he is above such a task as taking care of a woman. Where as she finds him very rude and confusing. How will they ever be able to put up with each other? Or better yet, trust each other? And will this girl ever find out who she is?
(My apologies for the poor editing skills)

Table of Contents

(Warning: contains violence, some swearing, and sexual content)   I awoke to a sword at my throat, And a man looking do... Read Chapter

My eyes opened from a deep sleep. I'm in a warm bed and feel well rested. I felt different. Cleaner. My vision has become co... Read Chapter

I followed him through a series of hallways. Realizing that, I'm in a castle. Although I don't know how I was able to realize that. We wa... Read Chapter

The sun has fallen and he is still not back. It seems as though I have been here for hours. I lay on the bed, trying not to fall asleep f... Read Chapter

After he locked the door behind me, I turned the handle and pushed. I don't know why, but I thought he might not have been seri... Read Chapter

"Your staying with me tonight," kaven said as we were walking up the stairs. "What does that mean?" I asked. "It means I can't... Read Chapter

There she stood, my twin sister. bent over, with her bare feet chained to the dirty and damp stone floor. Her arms chained outward t... Read Chapter

The pads of heat were falling off of me as he was carrying me through the hallway. He didn't care. I tried my hardest to keep my whimpers... Read Chapter

For the rest of the day Kaven has told me to stay in 'my' room and he will come to check up on me later. After the shower I got dressed b... Read Chapter

I awoke the next morning to the lock in my door turning. It was one of the maids bringing me breakfast again, although this time ... Read Chapter