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I loved you. Oh well.

Submitted: June 16, 2017

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Submitted: June 16, 2017



He broke me.

He ripped me to pieces and left me with nothing but the cold sounds of my room and the eerie beat of my heart.

He lied to me.

He told I was enough and made me believe that he loved me.

He used me.

He wanted nothing to do with me after I couldn’t have sex.

He partied the night I tried to kill myself.

He is inconsiderate.

He is fake.

He is a snake in human clothes

He treated me like I was garbage when I couldn’t provide for his small penis anymore.

He didn’t care if I was going to kill myself.

He shamed me for drinking when it was the only thing that helped the pain of my past ease away.

He didn’t text me when he was high.

He never thought of me first.

He is obsessed with somebody he’s not.

He hurt me.

He never apologized for all the pain he brought to me.

He only cared about himself and didn’t acknowledge the other half of the relationship.

He wanted nothing but sex from me.

He told me “this has to happen” when I shot up in pain from the penetration and pushed me back down.

He told me that i was “the most important person” in his life. But then told me he doesn’t “wanna be [my] boyfriend anymore”

He convinced me that being friends was better than not talking.

He told me he “has to do things for [himself]” and had no regret or remorse in his eyes when he hurt me.

He played with me when he “made sure [I] were okay”

He was never asked to be in my life.

He forced his way into my life, swept me off my feet, then dropped me in front of an oncoming train two months later.



He played guitar with my dad on new years for two hours.

He threw me over his shoulder and spun me around while our laughs erupted around the room.

He kissed me on New Years.

He laughed at my stupid jokes.

He held me close to his skin when we watched shitty horror films.

He took his shirt off around me.

He told me he could be himself around me and I agreed.

He made my heart flutter and my lips curl.

He draped his arm over my shoulder when we walked.

He drove to my house and took me to target just because I wanted candy canes.

He made a date out of taking his dog to get a bath.

He wasn’t afraid to say that he was my boyfriend.

He made sure I was okay when I had a mental breakdown and offered to come over.

He spent his entire Christmas break with me.

He was lovely.

He didn’t want me, of the mental breakdowns, or the candy canes, or the New Years kiss, or the half naked cuddles.

He wanted something I couldn’t give to him.

He left me January 19th.

He didn’t give a fuck who he hurt, even if it meant ending a life. 

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