Blabber mouth

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Quick rhyme from the heart in my panic

Submitted: July 23, 2012

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Submitted: July 23, 2012



I tell my self i don't care what he does, 
who he's with, who he loves.
But as much as i try 
I cannot fight
This new truth I know.
Oh dear,
It has me bubbling with fear,
This persisting thought bursting at the back of my mind. 
That for the first time,
I'm in love. 

It  makes me sick this idea
that maybe one day I might share
my heart with him.
Untill this grim day
My heart was safely hidden away
under lock and key deep beneath the icy, creaky, grey
stairwell that leads to his room. 
Safely left behind.
And now with this one 
little revelation my hardwork is undone.

When I stare into those eyes
blue of beauty and intregue I see my demise
in their reflection. 
One day soon I'll loose controll
and my heart will come bursting up from its hole
spilling up through my lips and land right on his lap
to blab what is true. 

I'm in love with you,


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Blabber mouth

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