Night in Berlin

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i was in berlin and rather than just telling what i saw i am gonna tell you what i felt about what i saw. if you have ever been in berlin you will probably recognize a few places.

Submitted: January 31, 2015

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Submitted: January 31, 2015



Night in Berlin

We walk through the maze, we follow the thread that leads the way out, I look up, and see moon draws darkness across the sky. I stand alone, I look around, I look back in confusion and then look to the sides, I all am alone. Where are you?

I walk toward the middle, while my heart hammers in my throat, the walls suddenly gets taller, and I slowly disappear in the darkness, I can no longer recognize the road. Where am I?

I run in frustration through the maze, but then I see the light from the underground monster, there is nobody, I’m alone. The monster takes me to the underworld, where I can feel death awaits me. Where am I?

I see thing I never thought I would see, I am stricken by fear, that sits like a lump in my throat, but I’m also curious, there are so many things this world hides, and I myself hide a smile. Where am I?

The monster has taken me to Neverland, where fairies dust is everywhere, the Indians smoke smells of spruce, and I enjoy the mermaids company at the bridge that lead both to the east and west. Oh no … The Pirates come. We flee. They hunt the treasure. They hunt fairies dust. I run. I run back. Back to the world, where you are. But where am I?

The monster takes me to the surface where the silence sounds like blast bombs, and my head throbs, As if my brain is too big for my head. There are no people and everything is dark. Where am I?

I see the church's high ruined tower, and I touch the holes in the wall, the past of my reality, seam just as unreal as Neverland itself. It’s like I'm being torn in two. I feel the pasts desire to wage war and the urge to fight evil, but I also feel the emptiness of the presents, when I realize there is no longer anybody to fight against. Past, future, present. Where am I?

I follow the road while Sun pulls her sun chariot across the sky. Light is shining and the atmosphere is changing. Shadows of the night is has once again vanished and I find the thread again. It lead me back to you, I know where I am. I'm in Berlin!

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