Vanessa's choice

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Coincidences are invalid

I’m sure you have heard this all before, someone close to you may have shared this with you…maybe even a stranger or maybe you have even believed this yourself. There are many people who through their life experiences have disregarded this belief. Maybe once thinking there was such a thing as fate, or destiny as some may call it. After a strange coincidence that seems almost illogical occurs and they feel as if though they had known that this particular scenario had happened for a reason. But then there are no results, or they are disappointed with what they have discovered. So then they move on continue their lives… and maybe even look back and laugh at how little meaning the experience had…and ponder how they could have ever thought it would have meant something more. With all the choices we make day by day it does seem improbable that there would be a road previously designated for each of us, already mapped out from the time we were born. Even though those people may think back and laugh at how silly the thought of fate is, there is always that question that remains, “What if?” What if I had done something different? What if I had never spoke to him? What if I never answered the door? What if I never got in the car? What if? These questions might seem insignificant now but let us look a little closer…

Submitted: January 09, 2013

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Submitted: January 09, 2013



Meet Jason, a 27 year old  ex-vocalist for a local rock band called Splinter, Jason was a very talented individual and his band had played at several local bars and clubs. Eventually though the band fell apart due to personal and creative differences. Well, that’s the story he would tell anyway, but his hollowed eyes and worn clothes told a different story. Jason had become addicted to heroin, he had lost everything, his girlfriend, his band, and his apartment. As bills stacked up and cravings were high he neglected rent to go on emotionally numbing binges. To him it was almost as if sticking the needle in his arm could allow him to escape the harsh reality of his life and all of his problems. As long as he was on dope he didn’t care about anything else…he felt he was at peace. Ignorantly living in a second life where nothing mattered, until the syringe was empty and reality set in.  Three years had passed since then he had been sober. His life had changed dramatically for the better, he had a stable job, a nice apartment, and a new group of non-using friends. He had tried to reconnect with his ex-girlfriend of five years but  during the time he was using she had met another man, married and had a child.  

 It was a Friday night, Jason was  leaving work. He was going to spend a quiet night at home but he felt anxious. Being sober was hard at times for him. It was hard for him to learn how to have fun again without the help of drugs. That was his cure for stress, anxiety, depression, and most importantly BOREDOM. As he continued to drive he saw a big lit up sign, it read Sparkey’s in big yellow letters with a beer mug next to it.  He was just about to pass it when he slammed on the brakes and pulled in. “Fuck it.” He mumbled under his breath. He’d been good for so long, what’s a little fun every now and again? He shook his head with a smile on his face, thinking of how absurd his life is now compared to how it used to be. He used to be out all hours of the night, going to bars and having fun. Now he stays in and tries to keep himself entertained without the lure of drugs.

He parked and stepped out of his truck, walking to the doors he hesitated to step in. Looking at all the people drinking and having a good time. He took a deep breath. “Well are you going in or are you just going to stand there?” He turned and saw a beautiful woman standing behind him. Long black hair, fair complexion, piercing green eyes, she was stunning to say the least. “Oh I..I’m sorry.” Jason stammered. “I was just…” The woman smiled and nodded her head toward the door. “Oh right.” Jason said and pulled open the door for her. “Thanks.” She said sarcastically. Jason shook his head. “God damnit.” He muttered. He walked in side and approached the bar sitting a few seats down from the woman. The bar tender looked to him. “Budlight please.” Jason said. The raven haired beauty looked over to him. “Make that two!” She said smiling. “Ya know..the best way to redeem yourself is to buy the lady a drink.” She said refering to herself. Jason smiled, “So what’s your name. The woman moved to the seat closest to him. “Vanessa…your’s?” “Jason.” He said fumbling with his wallet. The bartender brought him the beers and he laid a ten dollar bill on the table. “So are you from around here?” Jason asked. Vanessa tucked her hair behind her ear. “No actually I’m from LA…just got a little bored I guess so I took a little road trip.” Jason laughed “From LA to New York? I wouldn’t call that little….you here by yourself?” Vanessa nodded, “Yup and I  wouldn’t want it any other way.”

After a few hours the two were throwing back beers and talking like they had known one another since high school. “Hey Hey Hey  now!! This isn’t who I fucking think it is…is it?” A mans voice said. Jason looked up. It was his old friend Brice. They used to use together  and they haven’t spoke since Jason got clean. Jason wasn’t very excited to see him. “Well shit where the fuck have you been and who’s this stunning lady by your side? Don’t tell me you got hitched now?” “I’m Vanessa.” She said as she stretched out her hand. Brice took it in his hand gently and kissed it. “And no we’re not married…we just met actually.” Jason said slightly annoyed. Brice shrugged, “Well ya coulda fooled me.” He he adjusted his cap giving a slight peek at his greasy unkept hair. “Well Vanessa…you wouldn’t mind if  I stole him from ya for a few minutes would you…I mean I haven’t seen this guy in a while we have a lot to catch up on.” Before Jason could object Vanessa interrupted, “Oh yes…that’s fine I was um…actually going to head out it’s getting a little late.” She handed Jason her card. “Here’s my card…it has my number on it…um call me tomorrow if you want to get breakfast or something or whenever. I had a lot of fun tonight.” Jason took it in his hand and shoved it into his pocket for safe keeping, “Yea me too. I will…I’ll call you tomorrow…or whenever. It was real nice meeting you!”  Vanessa waved and walked out the door. “It was real nice meeting youu!” Brice mocked laughing. “Fuck off!” Jason said and stood up. “I should probably get outta here to…” “Whoa whoa whoa now hang on a minute.” Brice started. “I Haven’t seen you in a while and you’re just gonna leave? Come on man stay a little bit longer.” Brice looked to the beer next to Jason. “I see sobriety aint really what you thought it was huh?” Jason shook his head. “I fucked up tonight.” Brice sighed, “Shit happens, hey well I gotta show you something come here.” Jason shook his head, “Brice it was nice seeing you but I gotta get-” “Oh come on! What are ya a pussy?!” Brice interrupted. “Fine.” Jason said and followed Brice into the parking lot.

Brice pointed to a black Monte Carlo in the parking lot. “There she is.” He said. “Nice.” said Jason feeling uncomfortable and wanting to leave. “Come on have a seat inside!” Brice walked over and opened the passenger door. Jason hesitantly got in. Brice shut the door for him and hopped in the drivers seat. “Now,” Brice started. “I gotta show you something that’s gonna make this night a thousand times more worth it for ya.” He opened his glove box and pulled out a bag of dope. Jason’s eyes widened, “Fuck you man you know I don’t mess with that anymore!” Brice emptied it onto a spoon, adding a little water then heated it with his lighter. “You already fucked up Jason, why not make it worth while.” He held out a needle, “For old times sake.” Jason wanted to say no and get out of the car…but he couldn’t. Even after everything heroin had destroyed in his life he couldn’t  resist the drugs seduction. His only weakness.

He grabbed the needle and filled it up with the mixture. Brice shot up first. As soon as he flushed the heroin into his veins his head laid back on the seat. “Oh my..god.” He slowly handed Jason the needle. Jason held it over his vein for a while. He knew this wasn’t a good idea. He was about to ruin everything he had worked for…but he couldn’t resist. He emptied the syringe into his vein. “Jason..that’s too much man chill.” Brice said quietly still feeling the effects of the heroin. Jason laid his head back and closed his eyes.  They laid there for about a half hour. Brice sat up no longer feeling the rush. “Jason…Hey lets go back inside.” No response. “Jason ! Jason!” Brice began shaking him. His body was cold and he was dead.  “Fuck! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK YOU, YOU STUPID BASTARD!” Brice opened the passenger door kicked Jason out of his car then peeled off. To worried about the repercussions, not giving a damn about his “old friend”.  
A girl from inside the bar heard the tires squealing and  walked outside the bar. She ran over to the man lying on the ground. She shook him and realized he had passed. “911! I NEED HELP SOMEBODY!”  As she shook him frantically a card fell from his pocket. She picked it up and studied it. It read Vanessa Smart CEO of Alternate Records, LA California.

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