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It pays for one to be attentive.

Submitted: August 14, 2013

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Submitted: August 14, 2013




It was Sunday and we all had to go to church. I woke up but was still sleepy because I had been reading a Harold Robins novel till way past midnight.

Had my mom known that I had been awake till that hour, I would have gotten a scolding. But she had no idea about it because I read under my sheets using my travelling torch. My sister was a heavy sleeper so she was out as soon as her head hit the pillow.

So I had to brew myself a cup of coffee otherwise I would have slept throughout the service.

As usual after the  church service, the members talked for a while in the compound exchanged pleasantries and gossip and as the tradition.After the service, we were either invited for Sunday dinner or we invited others over to our place.

I was hoping that we should be invited, since I was not in the mood to cook at all. Luckily we were.

You must understand this, when you are invited for dinner it doesn't really mean you will go eat.It was symbolical. Why because my mother, like most African motherss don't allow their children to eat in other peoples homes or accept sweets, food, etc for anyone one including and especially relatives.

So on this particular Sunday we were visiting my mother's cousin, twice removed.

Just before we left the church compound, Mom gathered us together and gave us each a stern warning about eating at Aunt Miriam's house. My brother was not paying attention as usual so I pulled at his ear to bring him back to plannet earth.

My sister was so excited about playing longer since we weren't going home immediately.

Well after not so long a drive, we were at Aunt Miriam's. Aunt Miriam had two boys. The most annoying kids I had ever seen. They were always upto some mischief and this drove me up the wall but my sis enjoyed their company coz she was a tom-boy.

Aunt Miriam's house help had already made lunch so we were to help set the table.

As we sat at the table mom gave us a look that said it all. So when Aunt  Miriam asked what my mom will eat, she asked for all that was or could have been cooked  but we all declined the offer  to  eat  but accepted water, candy cookies and juice. My brother being not attentive as he is, he asked for all that my mom asked for. We were utterly shocked and quickly moved our seats away from him.

When he saw the look on mom’s face he almost fainted with fear.

Suddenly he called Aunt Miriam and even asked for more food. I believe he thought that if he’ll get a beating for not listening, he might as well eat to the brim.

After lunch, we helped clean up the table and dishes as well.

We played the rest of the afternoon and had a good time and even mom seemed to have forgotten what had transpired. Dad came to pick us up around 7pm. When we reached home, mom went to the kitchen and took her cane from where she hid it, came into the living room, picked up my brother by the ear and whipped his ass so had that out of shock my brother could not make a sound.

It was that kind of pain that sends you into shock and you become temporary dumb.

She went back to the kitchen, put the cane back and went to her bedroom to change. All this while my brother couldn't  make a sound but he never ever defied mom in public again.


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