The Warning

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This story is based on a dream. Fantasy? I'm afraid not.

Submitted: May 29, 2011

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Submitted: May 29, 2011



It's not a good idea.

What do you mean?

They won't understand you and will simply decide to - best case, arrest you and study you till you die, or worst case, kill you straight away without even bothering to ask you what you want or are doing here.

We want to warn the planet about the impending problems that will soon destroy you all.

It won't work, I tell you. Do you really think the human race will take what you have to say on face value? No matter who you talk to, to the German government, or any other government for that matter, the ones you don't talk to will think that there is a secret - a conspiracy - and they will do everything to stop what they believe is about to happen. Humans don't trust each other - what makes you think that they will trust you?

You do, don't you? So there must be others that will, too. Your leaders were chosen to rule because of their intelligence and wisdom, so why wouldn't they listen?

Our leaders are politicians. They can speak well, can convince an audience of simple, naive folk, and they like the money they earn. They argue with other politicians not of their party so that they can stay in power. They don't care about the people, as long as the people vote for them at the next elections. Politicians will only do and act if it is in their best interest - not for the sake of the country. The people live, love, work and die most of the time without the politicians affecting their lives. Everywhere on the planet you can see men and women struggling to make ends meet, and there are no politicians around to help them. Ok, it might be hard for you to believe this, but you don't need to take my word for it. Why don't you travel through the world and see what life is like here before you approach the world leaders? You don't look like ETs so you can blend in easily. No-one will arrest you for being unusual or out of place.

There is very little time left. This planet is in extreme danger. You must prepare.

How? How do we prepare for something that we can't run away from? What would the politicians do? If you told them that tomorrow the planet will break apart they would simply try to escape the disaster themselves. Some would go and hide in the fortresses they have built underground, others would try to escape the disaster by flying to the moon. But they wouldn't tell the earth's population. I mean, what's the point? Where would the people go? How could they protect themselves? The world's technology is not so advanced that we could send space ships into space with a 'Noah's ark' contingency. There would be chaos.

You seem to be taking the news of the earth's imminent demise fairly well.

Well, I'm not sure if it has sunk in yet. Maybe tonight, when I'm alone in my bed, I'll scream my head off. But right now, I'm simply trying to convince you that telling the world about the coming end will only speed up the craziness and madness that will overtake the people. If there is no tomorrow, then what's the point of behaving well? That's how the majority of people will think. The world's population will turn on itself and become worse than the animals. No law or gun will stop the madness that will then be unleashed. No, don't tell the leaders. Don't tell the world. Let the end come and overtake us when we sleep, work, love ...

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