today 8/30/07

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It's about my day that sucked but in the end of the day my guy friends who i went to the library they made me feel better about myself and smile again. not stop myself form being too emo.

Submitted: August 31, 2007

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Submitted: August 31, 2007



I'm better off being left alone, I done things people critize me about, the things i done , the things i do. WHY won't they drop it, why!!!!! I tried to play around with my guy friend Jesus, just to takle him with a frindly hello, but he dodges it. I follow him for 5 more seconds and grasps his backpack and tell him" I not going to hurt you." Then he replies  " Bull shit, I've seen what you done to Manny." Manny is my boyfriend. I let go and with my head down I say "Good bye ", in a low voice and leave to my fifth period class. Those words for some reason hurted, making me remember all the sins I've done and regret. I hate this moment! Why can't he drop it, what I did last year. Now I wish I never dated manny, because then all of that wouldn't have happened, they all would've been better off if I never met them. The world would have been better off if I would have never been born and or be dead!! I know I shouldn't have met them, and been myself. I should've stuck being emo forever.

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