Changed Girl

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"changed girl" was written on today's society. so many young women are being influenced into sex, drugs and abusive relationships. this is my point of view.

Submitted: September 21, 2013

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Submitted: September 21, 2013



No matter how perfect someone’s life seems to be, there’s always something little they won’t let free.

A secret, a lie maybe a tragedy, but you’ll never know, because it’s a secret so hard to see.

A similar girl I met a while ago, skin was golden, hair like snow.

But her history wasn’t perfect don’t you worry, and that’s why I’m here, to share her story.

This girl started so innocent and pure, and day by day these traits of hers became fewer

She told the truth, was never really one to lie, but soon enough, this behaviour was born to die.

She met new people and a group to hang around; she hung in slum but never really round town

She was introduced to all these new types of things, but never thought all these things could kill me.

One day she met a boy like them, and thought he wasn’t all the same, As soon and he introduced himself and spoke to her his name.

She thought to herself, does love at first site exist. And if it did, this is really what it is.

She knew she was 16 and young and at this age love does not exist to some.

But the way this boy spoke to her, made her feel she was no longer so insecure

This girl was so obsessed with the thought of love, she forgot just what she was neglectful of.

It wasn’t right that he got her into bad habits, like taking pills, drinking and doing cannabis.

She got hooked, like this was all she could rely on, got pregnant, quit school and no had no education.

And now her eyes are always blood shot or somewhat from laying round all day , smoking her crack pot, got her kid in the cot, drinking his bot asking mummy please stop.

But why listen to a kid who ruined her future, he knows he’s a mistake, no changing it no cure.

Daddy wasn’t around any more, not paying bills, probably with some random whore.

Baby boy wasn’t being raised right, so she watched her kid being taken away for life.

This is when it clicks, this was when she realised, and she could have had everything if she didn’t fall for her stomachs butterflies.

She picked herself up after years of progress and stands her today and nobody would notice,

 Now she’s grown into a changed girl, matured and so cautious of her surrounding world,

 Now looking back on her choice, she wishes she had listened to that little voice

She can’t change her mistakes and how she got off track; she can just move forward and never look back

So never wish for a life you can’t have, because maybe, just maybe, there’s could have been just as bad as that.

Behind every smile is a thousand tears, as soon as every act disappears.

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