Friendship over

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"friendship over" is actually written about my old best friend, she was the first girl to actually talk to me in high school and she was my best friend. we went everywhere together, every high school party to every friends sleep over.

Submitted: September 22, 2013

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Submitted: September 22, 2013



You said that we’d be friends for ever,

But forever seems to last near never.

We tried and tried and we’re still trying

But we can face it now, our friendships dying

It started all in grade eight

For friendship I thought id have to wait

A new kid job was never fun

I’d sit alone, in the mid-day sun

You approached me one day, asked to borrow my pen

That was the day, I made a friend.

I missed you when the school year would end

I was missing you, missing my best friend.

I told you everything, told you my lies

You Listened to my laughter and listened to my cries

But something happened along the way

There was nothing I could do nothing I could say.

You made a new friend, no jealousy did I express

I panicked inside, left alone I stressed.

I understand that these things happen

I knew from the day you took my black pen.

It’s over now our friendships gone

We have new friends and time goes on.

Now and then I pass you, and nothing is said

I smile at you, and then drop my head.

But somehow through words unsaid

The sorrow in my heart, you somehow read.

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