Suicidal Dreams

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"suicidal dreams" was a poem i wrote for an English presentation. this poem is not based on myself but on a girl i was once close with. this friend of mine was so beautiful in many ways but society would not let her believe it, i just wish she could have seen through it.

Submitted: September 22, 2013

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Submitted: September 22, 2013



I lay in my room, one thing on my mind.

leaving this world, and everything behind. 

pros and cons, ruled on my page.

what would happen, if i ended today.

pros were simple, happiness and peace. 

no rules or regulations, no judgment just me.

the rope would just sway, the blood would only drip. 

the medicine in the cabbnet, would make my mind trip. 

a minute id struggle, for eternal love.

that my soul would only accept, from the surrenity above. 

cons were different, they formed a sort of fix.

the clock on my wrist, the time that still ticks.

they will be sad, they will regret.

they will blame, and never forget.

they will, they will, them, everyone else

not me, them, they will be miserable them self.

they will be sad, wipe their tears and clench their hand 

but what they should of done? they should of understand

but me? well im fine im whole and im done,

the sun that never shined so bright, so bright it then shone. 

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