One Cabin, One Night, One Court, One Ending

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sage Skyes can't stand Jason Davis- let alone stay in a cabin with him and two other girls! Jason owns a cabin with a riding arena behind. Each of the two girls have a troubled horse. They have
tried professional trainers, but they haven't been any help. Sage is the only person around who will actually get somewhere with their horses. Jason is paying Sage to teach himself, Kim, and Lily
how to jump- along with training their horses. This short story isn't all about horses. Something happens in the month. You don't have to know anything about horses, that is just the reason why
Sage is coming along ;)

Chapter 1

The Cabin


"I am NOT going to spend a month with Jason!" Sage yelled down the stairs of her house.

"Honey, you have to. Not to mention, he's paying you!" her dad called back. After a couple minutes of convincing, Sage gave in.

"Okay, fine. If anything happens, I'm calling you, and I am coming straight home!" Sage got out her suitcase and started packing.


Sage's dad dropped her off at Jason's house. She didn't see his car, and she hoped they had already left. Sage went up to the front porch and knocked anyway. The door swung wide open. Jason was standing there. 

"Finally!" Jason said. He didn't even smile. Sage stepped inside. Two girls were in the living room.

"Who is she?" the blonde asked.

"I am Sage Skyes. Nice to meet you." she put out her hand.

"I'm Lily. Nice to meet you t--" Lily got cut off by the other girl.

"I'm Kim. Just because you are training our horses and teaching us how to ride, I am not going to let you boss us around. Got it?" Kim stared into Sage's eyes. Sage understood that both Kim and Lily were older than her, but she knew there was something going on. Maybe each of them had a crush on Jason.

"Where's the car? I want to put my stuff in the trunk." Sage went into the kitchen to ask Jason.

"In the back, can you bring it around front?" Jason tossed his keys. Sage brought Jason's car to the front of his house. 

The girls ran out of the house both yelling shotgun.

"Nope, both of you are going to be in the backseats." Jason opened the back door.

"Where am I going to sit?" Sage asked.

"The front seat." Jason said.

"Oh, okay." Sgae put in her earbuds and dozed off.


"There are only two bedrooms. I get the master. Kim, you get one of the twin beds in that room. Lily, you get the other bed in the room. Sage, you sleep on the couch." Jason walked into the small living room.

"Ha ha." Kim whispered to herself loud enough for Sage to hear.

"Ugh! Okay. Thanks Jason." Sage set all of her things down. This is going to be the longest month... Ever, Sage thought to herself.



Submitted: July 07, 2018

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