Star Bores

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is...a silly star wars story, what else can I say. Im a bit weird and I like writing funny/random versions of movies. Since I have seen all the star wars movies and I used to really love them when I was 11 I decided to write this funny random star wars story.

Though I must warn you its not really like star wars the movies. Its like real life and the characters are most definitly not like they are in the movies. and you'll see exactly what I mean.

Disclaimer: I do not own star wars or any of the star wars characters obviously, if i did i would be rich.

Table of Contents

A silly star wars story

Well...Im bored. I remember a while back I used to love star wars! Im no geek though 8) but seriously, I used to write these stories about the characters if they lived in the real world, and it may piss of some of the hardcore star wars fans out there, since Im putting characters together who wouldnt even be alive at the same time XD

But its really just for my own entertainment and I find it quite amusing.

By the way, the characteristics of the characters are pretty much nothing like in star wars. Especially darth vader, since he's a bald upperclass man who wears a ballarina dress in this tale 8-) Im not insane honest! Read Chapter

The nightclub

In this chapter Anakin gets seriously jelous of Obi's new friend

Jango Fett gets seriously embarassed on the dance floor

The Dark side make an evil plan

Read Chapter