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I am not skillful writer, in fact this is a first time i actually wrote something on my ownw. But this is something i put together and I would really appreciate your views of the article

Submitted: December 23, 2009

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Submitted: December 23, 2009



72-71 The game's on the line

We are down by one

Dont worry we have enough time

The play is drawn and the game's on

It's time to show what we have worked on throughout the season

Here we go, we deserve this, this is our home our win

Bringing the ball up the floor I feel a chill go through my spine

i look up and I see mah bros

With them I fall and stand up

My D in front of me and I have to go right through him

I fake to the left and take the right

Damn I shaked him up quite a bit

I baked him up a good bite

he puts it up 3,2,1...

Swish... WE WIN!!!!!!

The crowd goes nuts and I am on my knees

All that hard work has finally paid off indeed

This is what happiness seem like

N what success feels like

The games over and the result's on our side

i cannot stop smiling, this smile is not dying

But i feel scared, this moment wont last

never has and never will

I feel excited though

I feel i can beat anyone

i am indestructible, untouchable, unbeatable

I go home... I go home

Bam its all gone

My fear just turned to reality

and I feel sorry and guilty

My mom and my parents both in their late fifties

are home and i can see their frustation

they work as hard as they can for my studies

And here I am wasting all that on... Basketball

I am a grown up already

and take some responsibility

i cannot see my parents sttrugling

and myself enjoying and happy playing basketball

It is time to change

N i have to step it up

hop and jump off my bandwagon and engage into my work

I am focused, concentrated

Nothing will break it... nothing ever

Basketball in not my future

it is just a pickup quickfire game i throw it on the streeets

I am smart and i know i can do good in my studies

I should not waste myslef on basketball

What is Basketball?

It is just a game afterall

A bloody game, a game,..... a game

a game of brotherhood

a game that pays off

a game thats fair

a game that does not distinguish

a game i always relate to

a game that calls me

Not its not just a game

its the way to live

The way i live

20 yrs from now  i dont wanna live with a sour taste of what if

what if i had done something

what if i had not given up

what if I had taken my chances

What if i pushed myself one more day

And starts all over again

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