My Sanctuary...Of Sorts

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A journal i wrote for creative writing...about the library...and what it means to me

Submitted: March 04, 2009

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Submitted: March 04, 2009



My Sanctuary…Of Sorts:
The library; a place of calm, cool, collected thoughts. Where I can be myself. The place where the loud, outgoing girl doesn’t matter. Where the calm, quiet girl prevails. The place where I can look, and look, and look all day; and nobody cares. The place where I notice the small imperfections and don’t mind. I doesn’t matter if I’m a bit overweight, that my grades could be higher, that the carpet’s kinda dirty, or that the walls are too white. I’m surrounded by vast knowledge, which makes me feel as thought I’ve been here all my life. Ever since I was a small child, I’ve been fascinated by the library. Not just the books inside, but the actual library. It has its own ephemeral style. Unique because it’s made up of other unique things—books. I’ve always thought this. To me…the library is my sanctuary. My place of freedom, and joy, and all other emotions. Once day I hope to find another being who truly understands the sanctity of the library as I do. Who realizes that the library is a place for people to gather their thoughts ALONE. Others only just cause a distraction from the inner peace of this sanctuary. And when you’re alone, searching for your inner peace, you’ll always find that one book. The one you’ve seen a million times but never picked up. Then when you finally do…It’s one of the best things you’ve ever read. That is what I love the most. More than the calm feeling, or the hushed voices, more than the way it makes me feel as though I’m someone else. It’s that one moment, the one you’ve searched your entire sanctuary…the library…for. I guess I’ll never understand this feeling. I suppose it’s just because…well…it’s just because. I have no explanation or reason for it…it just is…and that’s what makes the library a true sanctuary or haven for an avid reader…or just an average person.

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