The Halle of Love

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The Halle of Love demonstrates the life of a young guy who kept struggling until he finally found his true love... that never lasted.

Submitted: March 22, 2016

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Submitted: March 22, 2016



As life goes on, everything tends to change into different figures or identities. Humans grow older and get wiser, not everyone though. We panoramically get a wider touch on all the flaws surrounding us including the ones being projected by us and realize that they have been there for quite a while but we failed to drop our shattered sight on them.

They call it life, I call it distorted images of a fantasied reality that comes together to form a fast moving movie trailer in people’s rusted imagination. It is not life anymore if it lacked the beauty of the ups’ and downs’ they say, but wouldn’t it still be a livable place if it was steadily handled? I asked. They also say, the notion of survival becomes worthless, if we don’t get the chance to go through every obstacle and try to endure it, but what would happen if we failed to tolerate the hitch, would we still be able to climb the cracked cliff? I wonder. It is not life if we don’t experience it physically, mentally and emotionally all at once in a lonely winter night, they say, but we can still sleep tight and feel the calm zephyr waving its way to the mirage, I assumed. It is not life if we don’t know how to have fun even when we are left all alone in a summer camp or on our own senior prom night, they say, but seriously, it is not life anymore if we have to go through all this to prove to no one that we can live it, is it? I ask.

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