The Halle of Love - Chapter 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
There isn’t such thing called first love or last love. You know it is the only love when it lasts forever and a day.

Submitted: March 27, 2016

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Submitted: March 27, 2016



Chapter Three – First Love

“There isn’t such thing called first love or last love. You know it is the only love when it lasts forever and a day.”


Until this point in his life, Riley did not experience the real feeling of true love. One day, while hanging around the campus with Alan, listening to him bragging on how easy the courses are, he swings his head to the far end of the main hallway to center his dim sight on a human-like angel crossing the lanes of the crowded hallway, blocking the rays of the sun and opposing the thrust-full air to cause her wavy golden hair to collide like a Russian army. From a distance, he could draw her edgy figure as she walked her way through her tight jeans pants and black t-shirt. Her face seemed like an old Manhattan sculpture sculpted with gold.

With the blurry looks and the endless space he couldn’t take his naked eyes off the beauty of this young lady. It took him seconds of deep glares before Alan broke into his path and dragged him to class. Like any normal student, Riley was not at all in the mood for being lectured by the most boring professor on earth, Dr. Juan. Throughout the lecture period, Riley’s body existed on the wooden chair but his mind was roaming the halls of the campus haunting down every scent he could get to reach his destined trail, to the beautiful lady. Another strike from Alan, which broke Riley’s thoughts,

Alan: “hey man, got a pen?”

Riley: with anger “do I look like a guy that keeps a pen in his pocket. I’d rather spend my day showering with giant pandas than sitting next to you!!” and left the class fiercely.

Alan: speaking silently “probably he’s hungry, hope he doesn’t grab a bite without me.”

Back to the halls of the quite campus, Riley turned on his human radar and started inspecting every corner of every building with in hopes of finding the golden lady but he had no luck.

Days and weeks went through with no evidence of the existence of this golden young lady. Another semester has started; you can see students rushing to get the first seats while others come in late and not at all ready for the spring semester yet.  Getting done with the first class, Alan and Riley found their way to the campus’s restaurant (dine in) as usual to grab a bite where they found their friend Patti and joined her for lunch.

“Patti was the kind of girl who is always in a hurry and has no time for anything. She speaks quickly, walks quickly and blinks very fast. In addition to that, everything seemed wrong and not acceptable for her.”

As Patti was nagging about college and classes, and how not ready she was to face the semester, her phone rang,

Patti: “hello sweetie”

“Person on the other side.”

Patti: “I’m with my friends at the dine inn, care to join?” silence, she peaked at us, “okay perfect honey, I’m waiting for you.”

Patti: that was my friend, Daisy, I hope you don’t mind if she joined.

“Daisy was a very sensitive young girl with a troubled past who finds a hard time with her family who doesn’t understand her very well.  She projected all her emotions and depression in her poetry and quotes as she had a very good sense of writing.”

Riley: “Mind? After hearing her name, I don’t think we still have a mind” and they all laughed.

It took Daisy quite a long time to get to the dine inn, which made the group assume she changed her mind and the moment they walked to the exit, a young lady blew the hair off her eyes and said “hello”.

Riley: In a deep shock, it’s the young lady he spent the whole fall looking for.

Alan: as usual he had no reaction as long as it has nothing to do with either food or studies.

Patti: “oh sweetie you came, I thought you changed your mind”.

Daisy: “I’m sorry for being late but I had to go somewhere before getting to campus, so how is everyone?”

Patti: “guys this is Daisy, Daisy this Alan and Riley”

Daisy: “oh I know Riley, with a smirk, nice to meet you Alan”

Alan: “nice to meet you too Daisy and welcome to our college, but unfortunately Riley and I should run off to class because we are late already to Dr. Juan’s lecture and you don’t want to know his feeling for late comers, right Riley”

Riley: silently speaking “if only I could predict what his next word is, it would make it easier for me to cut off his throat” smiled “yes Alan, you are totally right, let’s go”.

Alan: “I’m always right when it comes to us” pointing on Riley and him.

Riley: “true but unfortunately if you don’t shut that mouth of yours you won’t live to celebrate your next “being right” statement” with an angry smile.

They all laughed and everyone took different paths.

Day after day, the possibility of Riley and Daisy bumping into each other kept getting bigger until they almost met every day till the end of the semester. With every coincidence, the rhythm of their greetings was increase as they started off with smiles and they ended with small talk about anything.

The library is known as being the place were love birds meet away from the mass of the hallways or the dine in but at the end of the semester it’s the place where the studying vibe gets full control over all the students. Everyone is busy either preparing for their exams or getting their assignments done; however, Riley’s mind is conquered by the “Daisy’s army”, he can’t alter his thoughts or shift them somewhere else. Watching Alan face buried in the psychology notes, Riley imagined Daisy entering the library all the way up to his seat and place a kiss over his dry lips. “RILEY!!” said Alan in a loud voice. From the wooden chair all the way to the ground, Riley jumped frightened “what the hell is wrong with you, can’t you leave me smiling for two consecutive seconds!” said Alan while leaving the library.

Everyone was just ready to start their vacation; they said their goodbyes and went off the road to their towns except for Riley. Riley couldn’t leave without seeing Daisy and filling his eyes with her beauty for the last time till the next 4 months. Here comes his little princess, they chatted for a while, hugged and took different paths.

Vacations are planned for people to go and have fun, to forget about their jobs and schools and just give their selves the time they deserve to pay off all the hard work. In Riley’s case, he couldn’t stop thinking about Daisy and how will he confront her with his feelings. He spent the whole vacation chatting with her about non-sense. Although, some of the things discussed were personal and important, yet the rest was just “keeping a conversation going” type of conversation.

Now, as Riley’s vacation almost came to an end and his bags were filled up and ready to be carried, the only thing he could think of is Daisy and when will he be able to see her angelic face once again. He couldn’t think about anything other than how much he misses her and can’t wait to have her between his arms.

Days flashed and the first day of the fall semester came by. The more they talk, the more they shared memories of all their past, the pain and joy they’ve been through and the more they shared, they more they got closer.

One day, while sitting in the dine inn, daisy got her cute and funny friend Tammy.

“Tammy was a young girl that was completely satisfied with her life. She always seemed to think ahead about everything, and she was the one that gave great advices for anyone. She was Daisy’s best friend back then.”

Daisy: “Riley, this is my best friend Tammy … Tammy this is my good friend Riley”

Riley: “Nice to meet you Tammy, I have never seen two beautiful girls who came to be best friends!” laughing. 

Tammy: laughing “yeah that’s a coincidence, nice to meet you too.”

After introducing Tammy and Riley to each other, Daisy asked if she could get excused for 10 minutes as she needs to see her professor regarding her book. Tammy and Riley started talking about random things in life and that’s when Tammy got really excited suddenly and wanted to show Riley this new funny video clip that she thought was very funny, and that is what happened.

When Riley was listening and watching excitedly, Tammy received a message from Daisy that says “Talk to him and try to understand more if he likes me or not”. Riley was surprised and gave the phone back to Tammy with a shock, and when Tammy Knew what happened she begged him not to say a word. Riley promised not to say a word and assured her that he likes Daisy, where at this point he was actually in love with her.

Daisy and Riley came out to each other and spent the first days, before their first date, knowing each other more.

On a warm winter Wednesday, Daisy and Riley decided to go to their first date as it seemed they were ready at that moment. They jumped into the car and cracked their way to the beach. They spent couple of hours staring at people with nothing to say when Daisy broke the silence and asked,

Daisy: “if you wanted to do one thing and I said okay, what would it be?”

Riley: still an innocent lonely boy “grabbed her hand”.

It seemed the right thing at that moment and probably that is what she meant. They kept holding hands until they were back on campus. Of course, daisy ran towards Tammy to tell her what happened and Riley went to the library, of course to find Alan and tell him what happened. And this kept going on until one Tuesday where they decided to go to a beautiful park, which later on was called their home, and hangout there.

Riley has always comforted Daisy with his kind and optimistic words about tomorrow, and how everything will be okay, and how he’ll always be there for her to hold her when she falls. It’s the kind of person he is. He walked her to her psychologists and waited for her outside, the whole time thinking of her and wishing she’ll feel better.

When on the bench, Daisy was in Riley’s arms with her head on his chest and looking up to him. He was, as usual the most romantic person ever, explaining to her what every single inch of her face meant to him when she suddenly stops him and says,

Daisy: “I just realized what you meant when you once told me, I wish you could see yourself and the world from my eyes.”

Riley: focused on her lips, “what do you mean?”

Daisy: “from where I am, I can see the glow in your eyes, the brightness of mankind all in two dark brown shiny eyes.”

Riley smile and got closer to her and printed a kiss on her forehead, and continued explaining to her what a wonderful world we live in. on that particular day, on their way back to campus, Riley confronted Daisy with his love and before giving her a chance to say anything he got his lips close to her cheeks and planted a warm zealous tiny kisses all the way until his lips touched hers and the started making out affectionately before breaking their desire and getting out of the car. It was not too long after that, when they took their relationship into the second base and had their first real and passionate kiss in the park under the shades of a wintery pale tree, hiding away from the eyes of the sun, where they kissed, smiled laughed, cried and loved each other. From the park to the car was a distant that seemed too long from the loving couple, hand by hand they ran the long alley with full excitement and threw themselves into the leathery frozen backseat of Riley’s car.

The coldness of the weather and the thrust of their bodies against each other created a haze insulator on the windows of the back seat. The sexiness of the moment and the passion of wanting each other were responsible for the whole beautiful scandal.

The only thing that kept this relationship alive for a while is the act of fulfilling each other’s needs and wants. Whether in the car or at Daisy’s place, not a day would pass by without Riley’s hands exploring curves of Daisy’s body, kissing every inch of her warm neck all the way up and tasting the sweetness of her red glossy lips.

On his birthday two months later, she surprised him after decorating his car with white flowers and a beautiful gift wrapped on his seat. What made him happier is that he had a better and more beautiful gift on the passenger’s seat, which was Daisy lying there with a cute, honest and pure smile coming right from her heart.

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