The Halle of Love - Chapter 5

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Never give up on yourself because you are your longest commitment and you are committed to find ways and draw a smile on your own face and a wipe of hope on your heart.

Submitted: March 27, 2016

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Submitted: March 27, 2016



Chapter Five – True Love

“Never give up on yourself because you are your longest commitment and you are committed to find ways and draw a smile on your own face and a wipe of hope on your heart.”


Riley has kept himself busy with so many things such as studies, gym, meeting new people, and joining college clubs. Riley has also lost some of his friends throughout the process of dating Daisy as not many of them agreed, even his dear friend Alan was the biggest non-supporter among them all but he was real friend and never left.

Since that day, months passed that carried lonely and painful nights, carried regrets and memories but day by day everything seemed to get better and better until this one day on a cold January Saturday. Conducting their first club meeting, the board members and Riley were welcoming the new members to the club and explaining to them their mission statement and their vision for future events. He could spot through the windows the reflection of a cute, young girl sitting there quietly and listening with no interest as if she was forced and dragged through her hair to attend this hyperactive meeting. The meeting went very well and they spent couple of minutes at the end to get to know each other; however, the young girl left before all that happened.

The next day marked the first day of the senior year, Riley was getting prepared to be called a senior and to impose those who disliked him. On his arrival, he bumped into one of his new friends, Korry.

Riley: “hey Korry, what are you up to?”

Korry: “nothing much just waiting for Halle, she’s the slowest creature on earth and its annoying me”

“Halle is the kind of girl that is very honest, very romantic and very caring. She would walk by your side to the moon and all the way back, she would kill herself for the ones she loved. She’s a female version of Riley.”

Riley: “Halle? Never heard of her name before!”

Korry: “she doesn’t stay in college for long hours, she leaves directly after class and by the way she’s a member of the club!”

Riley: “I don’t think I know her”

Korry: “that’s probably because she left before introducing herself”

Riley: “oh, I think I’ve seen her yesterday. She’s the girl that was bored the whole time. I felt she’s a show off”

Korry: “no man she’s not once you know here more you’ll change this idea about her”

Riley: “sure, whatever you say, I’ll have to go kick some minds, talk to you later buddy”

First day always seemed the messiest among all other days because of the large number of freshmen who doesn’t have a clue where to go and you will never have two minutes of peace away from their weird and most annoying questions about classes and breaks. Despite their non-stoppable questions, they come in dressed as if they are invited to a red carpet event or to royal wedding; they wear the whole closet in one day.

Through the busyness of the halls, Riley managed to reach the dine in with no interruptions, he was craving their pasta.

Riley: “Hello Sir, may I have white pasta to go?”

Waiter: “Sorry Sir, we are not serving pasta today”

At the saqme time a redhead enters the dine in and interrupts Riley’s conversation and asks the waiter,

Redhead: “hello, Do you have French fries?” in a hyper-like tone.

Waiter: “No mam, I am afraid we don’t”

Redhead: “Do you have salad?”

Waiter: we don’t have salads as well mam”

Riley: “what do you have then?”

Waiter: “Sir we had a shortage today because it’s the first day and we didn’t expect this much of students”

Redhead: “we are hungry and we have a full day, how do we sort it out!”

Riley: “hmm, hey do want to order MacDonald’s?”

Redhead: “It would be the best time of my day” with a high pitch laugh.

Riley: “I am Riley by the way.”

Redhead: “and I am Natasha, nice to meet you over food Riley” with another laugh.

Riley and Natasha ordered MacDonald’s and had lunch together. Complete strangers, who met over food, kept chatting and chatting without noticing the count of time.

“Natasha was a strong, confident and very sociable kind of girl, who was very popular for her red hair. She somehow manages to comfort people with her words. It doesn’t matter for her whether you are a friend or an enemy, if something seems wrong she would point it out and it will be for your own sake. Although their horoscopes seemed very different as well as their ages and backgrounds, Natasha and Riley got along from the first second because they had similar brains, almost a Sayami twins.”

Although Riley was very conservative about Daisy part in his life but he could stop himself from telling Natasha. She was very understanding and gave him a push of confidence and faith that everything happens for a reason and admonished him to move on completely. On her side, Natasha shared some parts of her personal life with Riley on that same dine in table and promised to stay as faithful friends as they can to each other, and they kept the promise till this day.

On the same day Riley was hanging out with his friend (who’s now one of his close friends) Oscar.

“Oscar is one of the kind people all around the campus; he’s very helpful and funny. He’s the cherry of every group. He jokes a lot and tries his best to cheer everyone; he loves his friends very much. His only problem is that he has a big mouth and he eats a lot.”

While gossiping with Oscar about people around them, Riley notices that Halle is on the other side of the hallway and is staring at them. He stops Oscar’s mouth for a while and goes to Halle and asks her if she want to join them. Halle didn’t seem to have any problem with that and she came and sat with them. The three of them started talking about random things and after thirty minutes they had to leave for their classes. Although Halle seemed very self-centered and her voice annoyed Riley, he felt something in her that nobody else, he felt the sadness in her eyes. After this day, Riley and Halle coincidently started bumping into each other and since that day they became friends.

Their friendship kept growing bigger and bigger, they used to spend hours in campus till 9 and 10 pm alone just talking about almost everything that has happened and is still going on in their lives. He told her everything about Daisy and she told him everything about her boyfriend Rabi. Riley started feeling something towards Halle but he knew it’s a mistake because she already has someone in her life. Three months later, Riley couldn’t keep his feelings to himself so he confronted Halle and said,

Riley: “Halle I want to tell you something but I hope you don’t hate me for saying it”

Halle: “you know no matter what I would never hate you Riley”

Riley: “well I have heard it a lot before so I need you to promise me you will never hate me in your life.”

Halle: “I don’t have to promise because I will never hate you but if it makes you feel better sure I promise not to hate you ever in my life.”

Riley: “Halle I am sorry but our friendship has to end! I can’t talk to you or see you anymore.”

Halle: “Riley are you okay? What the hell is this...? Of course I won’t end our friendship no matter what! Where is all that coming from?”

Riley: “Halle I have feelings for you I am afraid if we kept our friendship I fall for you more and then I will have to lose you forever.”

Halle: silence… “Riley”

Riley: “yes?”

Halle: “I have feelings for you too and I can’t shut them down!”

Riley: shocked!! “Halle this is a huge mistake, we can’t fall for each other”

Halle: “we can’t control our feelings Riley”

Riley: “we’ll have to talk about it tomorrow, okay?”

Halle: “sure”

Of course after this conversation, neither did Riley nor Halle get any sleep. The next day the both of them met at campus and went through everything and came into a conclusion to keep it between them and see what would happen, if it just a slip of feelings or if it’s real.

It all seemed to function properly at the beginning but after a small amount of time jealousy started pushing the two souls of the edge of anger and only then they realized that they are just two lost souls who found each other. Time passed like rain drops on a stormy day, the two of them went through hell just to stay together and fall deeper in love with each other as pain and sadness sometimes allow the bond of love to get stronger and harder. Riley fell for the broken character behind Halle’s strong pretention, for the hidden tears and muffled whining.  Riley had several breakdowns so he knows when someone is dying from the inside but acting perfectly happy from the outside and Halle was collapsing everyday more and more due to the way her ex and his family treated her.

 They kept this pact going on for quite a while before people started noticing and knowing. In a small community like their college, breathing is not an option when a scandal or a gossip is out. From one to another, Riley and Halle became the talk of the town. They were surrounded with a lot of friends who suddenly disappeared and started talking behind their backs. They both ended up with a small group of people/friends, who were Fiona, drake, Heidy, Mark and Oscar.

“Fiona was the kind of mature young lady. She speaks what needs to be told and keeps the rest for herself. She was a confident lady with a strong personality. If you want to be her friend don’t play her up or assume she’s not smart enough to figure you out.”

“Drake was a white hearted guy but he had serious issues with trust. He and Riley went through almost the same phase but his was a bit harsher and more heartbreaking. But he loved Riley or so what Riley thought”

“Heidy was the independent American “Wannabe” kind of girl. She was the kind of girl that fits anywhere at any time. She played martial arts and was sexy to a point where everyone at some point wanted her even Riley”

“Mark was cute baby faced school boy kind of gut. He never gets old and he always comes up with weird thoughts and ideas. He had his own personal and never felt that he should interfere in any of his friends personal lives if he wasn’t asked personally to do so. His only issue is that he sometimes mistakenly slips some secret that would turn suddenly into everyone’s gossips. He has a big heart.”

No one in the group knew about Riley and Halle except for Fiona and drake, as they were the other couple of this group. Even in a small group of very close friends, gossips don’t stop especially if Oscar is the admin of this group. It was a maze of gossips because when Riley says something to drake, drake directly passes it to Fiona who from her side gets delivered on the spot to Halle. Once again, the friends gossiping issue is taking place and causing problems and so much fights.

After breaking up with Daisy, Riley never thought that a day will come and he would fall for someone else and actually love this person more than he loved Daisy but it happened. It was nearly impossible but it did and that’s what made him hold on through everything, and because Halle was worth every single sacrifice. Riley’s parents caused him trouble when they knew about Halle but despite all that he didn’t care and he loved her more and more every day. Riley and Halle has nothing in common, they both come from different backgrounds, they had different religious views and most of all they were both differently raised and this is why Riley’s parents had their fears and thoughts as well as Halle’s family.

Riley’s love to Halle was a new sort of love that no one knew about except them. People say that in order to love someone truly, you need to fall for yourself first. However, Riley and Halle were there to oppose this statement and showed everyone that their love was real and true, and that they loved each other more than they loved themselves. Before Hall, Riley thought that Daisy consumed all his desires for love and passion but Halle adjusted all his love-meters and reloaded his desire with passion and the art of giving and caring.

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