The Halle of Love - Chapter 1

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We will never know what we are about to face and how strong we are going to strike unless we do it, do it alone.

Submitted: March 27, 2016

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Submitted: March 27, 2016




Chapter One - Introduction

“We will never know what we are about to face and how strong we are going to strike unless we do it, do it alone.”


From a troubled and unsecured boy who had to deal with bullies the whole time, to the boy who grew up to handle bigger responsibilities than just playing hide and seek, to the child who woke up one day to find that he grew up very fast and had no time to play, to the boy who flew over the teenage years and submerged in the adulthood scandals.

 Despite the number of friends and people who loved him, Riley always felt very lonely and that’s because of what has occurred in his life, earlier. As a teenager, Riley thought that the idea of life and love is basically the same. In other words, the hint of living happily ever after, to Riley, was just a simple equation where the only factors of this equation are the prayers we consolidate together and send to God. Nevertheless, his perception about love took a similar angle where he thought that the factors of this equation were three simple words ‘I LOVE YOU” and after that everything gets fixed or becomes better. The way Riley built up his thoughts and beliefs came from a little boy who actually knew nothing about life and love, hence, he was a very pure and honest little boy who thought that life is as simple as a sip of tea.

As to Riley’s personality,

“Riley was a funny and caring person at the same time. He would do his best to draw a smile on someone’s face although he would be swamped with his own matters. He is smart and when he loves, he would jump of a cliff for the person he loves.”

Riley graduated from high school and got into college where he found himself lost in a battle and the only way out is to get recognized. From a high school student to an undergraduate at college, there was a huge difference. Responsibilities has found a new way to add up more stuff into Riley’s agenda, and being a complete outsider is not a good way to start off at any place so Riley had to deal with his own struggle first and then think of what to do in college.

Now, days later, Riley was introduced to some other freshmen and has formed a good team. One of the people he met was a freshman called Alan.

“Alan was Riley’s only best friend but they were totally different. Alan was more like the nerdy friend who always looks for more ways to solve a problem while the rest are still trying to figure what subject is this.”

The spring semester ended and so did the summer semester, and the school opened its door to welcome back the students with a great excitement for the fall semester but before that in a while, Riley was able to get a job as a waiter in one of the café’s around the campus, and it was a great opportunity to him as he could accomplish his job on time and still get to class on time.

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