The Halle of Love - Chapter 2

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Mistakes are the only things left of us as humans, pick them wisely.

Submitted: March 27, 2016

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Submitted: March 27, 2016



Chapter Two – The Dalaila (Personal Transition)

“Mistakes are the only thing left of us as humans, pick them wisely.”


One day, Riley had a physics midterm and was having some difficulties getting through some problems. While on his shift, a young girl asked him for a cup of coffee with medium sugar, Riley nodded his head as he was heading to the kitchen. He grabbed a glass filled it with lemonade juice, added medium sugar and served it to the young lady.

Young lady: looking at his badge “So Riley”

Riley: “yes Miss”

Young lady: “did you make sure to put medium amount of sugar”

Riley: with his French accent “Oui demoiselle” continued “have a sip and tell me what you think”

Young lady: “but as far as I recall, I asked for Coffee, Riley”

Riley: realized his mistake and blushed “I am very well aware your majesty but I thought that a beautiful lady like you shouldn’t ruin her lipstick for a cup of coffee, don’t you think so?”

Young lady: “Dalaila”

Riley: “I am sorry but we don’t have any dalaila’s in our menu”

Dalaila: with a cute smile “It’s my name, Monsieur Riley”

“Dalaila was a smart and beautiful young girl who respected and cherished the word “love” and she would fight for the one she loved till her last breath and she would care less if her partner isn’t even trying. She went through a lot in her life but yet she stayed strong.”

The conversation went on for a couple or more minutes before Riley realized that he has a midterm and is running late. They exchanged phone numbers and by chance it turned out that they are attending the same college.

They got really close and ended up in a relationship. Although, at that time he was in a relationship with a cute Dalaila, who is now one of his very close friends and knows everything about him, he couldn’t fall in love with her. He treated her like a princess, who made her fall deeply for him and it was a mistake because he couldn’t fall back for her no matter how much he tried, and they broke up after several months. It took both of them a very long time to get along again and this actually happened when they finally grew up and understood what life is all about.



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