The Halle of Love - Chapter 8

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Sometimes and only sometimes, love forces you to let go

Submitted: March 27, 2016

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Submitted: March 27, 2016



Chapter Eight – Halle and Riley No-More

“Sometimes and only sometimes, The greatest thing in loving someone is letting them go"


Once again, fate came to strike the hearts of the two lovers and throw them apart. Riley and Halle’s relationship, like any other relationship, has its peak and extremity times but when external forces get involved and step on this relationship to make it fall after struggling on the edge of falling is a different case. When Riley felt that Halle’s love is fading with the complications that is surrounding them he got very pissed and called drake to comfort him. Being Riley’s friend, Drake couldn’t see Riley breaking down so he told him that Halle is in love with another man called Jasper, and this is when Riley lost his mind and called Halle to end everything. Although Halle was very affectionate and stubborn when it comes to Riley, he didn’t care and worked his best to shut his feelings down when he was speaking to her. After a long run, they both stopped talking. Days just passed with the two hearts being apart craving for each other’s care and love. During these days, Riley got back in touch with some of his old friends who Halle and Riley thought that they were the reason behind all the gossips.  

One day, Riley gathered Fiona, Drake and Oscar and started telling them stories about Halle, they were true stories and nothing of what he said would hurt her, he was doing so because he knew that somehow she will know and she will want to confront him and then he will get a chance to at least hear her voice again but unfortunately his last chance with Halle was blown up weeks before.

Months later, Riley gets a text from Halle. He opens it without even thinking of what it could be. Halle: “hi”

Riley: “hello”

Halle: “how are you?”

Riley: “I am good what about you?”

Halle: “I am good... I see you got along with your old friends, that’s interesting”

Riley: “old friends? Be more clearer, Halle”

Halle: “I am talking about Sally”

“Sally was one of Riley’s best friends, sister, brother and everything after his breakup with Daisy. She was there for him through it all and helped him a lot. She is the kind of friend that would leave her house in the middle of the night if you needed her. Riley loved her so much and so did she.”

Riley: “Oh I see… I thought you wanted to see how am I keeping up but anyways yes we are and she turned out to be better than many people including us.”

Halle: “well I am glad but I just want to remind you that she was the first and only reason for all our misery”

Riley: “okay if that’s what you think but I know who was the reason behind all that and I don’t know it from Sally I know it from other people”

Halle: “what do you mean?”

Riley: “Halle I am not in the mood of opening all the past once again so let’s close the subject please”

Halle: “it’s up to you but don’t you think I should know because I am a part of it and Sally was my friend too”

Riley: “fine I will say it but I don’t want any arguments around it, Sally was there when Mary-loo told everyone and proved to everyone that we had something going on.”

“Mary-loo is a very selfish and self-centered outrageous girl in college. She has issues with every single person and she has mental disorders. She thinks everyone hates her but the truth is that everyone feels sorry for her. Her boyfriend controls even her mouth and she’s just a toy that gets triggered to hurt people.”

Halle: “what makes you believe that Mary-loo was the one who came out to people about us?”

Riley: “Because my very good friend Dalaila told me so and she has no reason to defend Sally who she doesn’t know and put her friend Mary-loo in the spot”

Halle: “but Riley if what you’re saying is true, why would she do that?”

Riley: “Do you realize we’re talking about Mary-loo right? She doesn’t need a reason Halle.”

Halle: “Riley, I must tell you something which I should’ve told you a long time ago.”

Riley: “I know what you’re going to say and yes it happened.”

Halle: “Did you gather Drake, Fiona and Oscar and said scandalous things about me?”

Riley: “they weren’t scandals Halle, it was the truth”

Halle: “throughout this time I never thought that I meant this much to you.”

Riley: “Halle, I spoke the truth and what really happened between us. It’s not that I spoke about your manners!”

Halle: “but you did”

Riley: shocked “I did? What did I say?”

Halle: A sl*t.

Riley: “OMG, seriously Halle how can you ever believe I would say something like that about you. I would kill myself before even thinking about it!”

Halle: “I am sorry I believe Drake when he told me so but I thought you did and I was very pissed!”

Riley: “but Halle… after all what we went through you really think I would say that about you? You are the only person who knows who I truly Am.! Halle I loved you more than Romeo loved Juliette. I can’t even compare it to anything. You were everything to me and you left, I was pissed I am sorry and spoke the things I said but I would never say what you thought I did.”

Halle: “Riley I am sorry I believed him, I am sorry I had no chance, I am sorry I left… I loved you way more than you think I did, you were my brother and father. You were everything to me too and your absence broke my heart.”

Riley: “both our hearts were broken and that’s just what life wants us to end up with”

Halle: “I guess you have a point everything happens for a reason.”

Riley: “can you promise me one thing, Halle?”

Halle: “anything, Riley”

Riley: “even if you got married one day and went off with your life don’t ever forget me please, and don’t forget the days we spent laughing and loving each other and tell your children one day that a guy loved you like you were the only person on earth.”

Halle: “I will never forget that Riley, I promise. I was telling my friend Lola today that no matter what I will never ever forget my days with Riley or forget him or his affection. He will always be the one true love I had”

On the phone both souls were crying and admitting that this will really be the last time they mention how much they loved, love and will always love each other.

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