The Halle of Love - Chapter 9

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Chapter Nine – The Friend-Wreck-Ship vs The Unbreakable Bond



“Best friends are like diamonds, they never break” obviously whoever came up with this quote was a lonely person who lacked the sense of friendship! Or maybe he lived in an age where love, loyalty and faithfulness took over.  When we say the word friend, a lot of people start running around our brains like tiny dizzy stars. We find it so hard to classify them and put them in categories as well as give them different priority stages because we have reached a point where we no longer have the ability to trust or believe people in order to call them friends.

In Riley’s world, he drew the concept of friendship in a very simple and light way. He thought friends are meant to carry their friends when they fall, to wipe their tears or cry with them when they’re sad and most of all to laugh and get excited with them when they’re happy. Riley thought that friendship is way bigger than a small fight or an unknown gossip, and is worthier than a white lie or an unsaid truth. Friendship is a theory of love, trust and honesty, which a lot of people lacks this sense.

The world Riley got caught up in defined friendship with different strings, tough ones. Friendship took another unexplained meaning where everything was built up on lies, gossips and untruthful promises. Riley got mixed up with many people throughout his college years and kept repeating the same mistake, trusting people, over and over again, and till this moment he still gives a lot for those who deserves the least. Riley has many friends around him that come and go but among them there are the few ones who stuck for a while.

In his life, Riley has two groups of friends along with the omegas around him; The College group whom he had so much fun with, travelled with and got drunk with but still feels unsecure when he’s around them as they are not the kind of friends to trust; The other group who got close with time whom are very trust worthy and makes anyone feels welcomed and safe. The other group of friends had Dorothy, Tommy, Elsa, Freddy, lair and Anthony.

“Dorothy is the mature girl who is always around to advise and act as an adult among the rest. She’s beautiful and she handles all situations with full professionalism up to her own extents. She tries to force her argument over the person in front of her because she knows she believes she is right whether it is true or not. She gets different mood swings but yet she manages to handle them away from the group 'sometimes'.”

“Tommy is a funny and hyper kind of guy who is always there anywhere anytime. He’s very sensitive when it comes to love and emotions, and he is trust worthy when it comes to family and friendship. He loves gossiping and he blows up some moods with his heavy words and sometime he enjoys igniting a fight between two people for a change.”

“Elsa is  the free and open minded kind of girl who does whatever makes her happy and satisfied, not giving a single though of what could happen later. She advises everyone to do what makes them happy and feels right even if it’s not. However, she acts weird sometimes and has a double personality.”

Tommy and Elsa are Riley's favourites among the rest.

“Freddy is the mysterious one among the rest. He is funny, and he likes to help in any problem or issue whether it concerns the family, friends or personal life issues. For him, just like Else, life is partying every day and laughing till you can’t take your breath anymore. He carries a white heart but very few who notices that.”

“Lair always acts as the cute and funny one who doesn’t interfere unless asked to. She is mother Teresa of the group. She cares a lot and would die if someone is hurt or broken or is having a serious issue. Her warm words are sometimes a cure for those who are in emotional pain. She gives tiny advises and leaves the rest for you to figure it out.”

“When it comes to Anthony, the pen catches a different path. Anthony is the eldest in the family-friends group but sometimes acts opposite to that. He fights over silly things or says silly things that really hurts. Like Dorothy, he forces his argument over anyone whether it is right or wrong and he has problem with understanding well. He also has a white heart and cares a lot but he fails in showing it most of the time as his words betray him always.”

There is a huge difference between the two groups. This group or the friendship among this group was based on a small gathering of seven strangers, years ago, who got together from nowhere to form a pact of an unbreakable bond. As time passed, their friendship got stronger and more powerful, and now they call themselves a family.

Riley feels that he is free to do whatever he want and say whatever he likes with no strings attached to him and no one is lying there to judge all the jazz that comes out of him. They fight like any other family but minutes later everything seems to be okay and perfect! They carry no grudges or hatred towards each other but hearts full of love, care and honesty.

If any of them falls into a problem, they all get concerned as if they are a part of it. They give each other the time they need to express, provoke and explain their situation and provide advises on how to deal with it from different perceptions. They share secrets and scandals that no one knows about yet and no one will ever know about it as well. Riley’s deepest and most painful secret is with his friend Tommy and it made him feel relieved and safe that someone else knows about it and haven’t spoken a word or judged him. Whereas if Drake knew about it, he would’ve told Fiona who on her shift would’ve told Halle and so on until every single breathing creature on this planet knows the secret.

Despite the distance between every one of them yet they still find themselves in need of one another, and this distance didn’t throw them apart but meant to strengthen the bond between them and make it thicker and indestructible. Riley feels very fortunate to have come to this level of satisfaction with his friends, the real ones, the family and he’s not planning to lose any one of them ever no matter what it takes.

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