My Friend Alice

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Todd and Alice have always been best friends. They're always there for each other. Truly nothing can seperate them, right?

Submitted: October 14, 2012

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Submitted: October 14, 2012



My Friend Alice

TODD-Alice moved in with her dad when I was 5 years old. At first I didn't like her. She was too quiet

ALICE-Todd never gave me a moment to speak. If he had shut up long enough to let me finish a sentence, maybe he wouldn't have thought my name was "Al" for the first few years of our life.

TODD-Hi! My name is Todd! I'm 5 years old. Well, five in a half really.

ALICE-My name is Al-

TODD-I have a sandbox! Do you like sandboxes?

ALICE-Well, actually-

TODD-Great! I bet I can beat you there! Ready?

ALICE-But I don't wanna-


ALICE-Todd was my opposite. He was loud and rough and rebellious.

TODD-Alice was pretty boring. She never wanted to do anything fun.

ALICE-But for some reason, Todd and I became

TODD- Close. She was like my sister. We fought at lot, but we always had each other’s backs. Especially in middle school. Alice's dad worked a lot. He mainly helped on farms, but farms were seasonal, so he jumped job to job, working long hours.

ALICE-But I didn't mind being alone. I just went over to Todd's.

ALICE-Todd! Wake up! Todd!

TODD- Alice? It's like 3 in the morning! How'd you even get in here?

ALICE-The window

TODD- You’re being really creepy, Alice.

ALICE- Never-mind that.

TODD-Get out!

ALICE- But I'm scared!

TODD- Of what?

ALICE-Being alone.

TODD-Fine. You can stay. But you’re sleeping on the floor. And if you wake me up again, I'm throwing you back out the window

ALICE- Oh! Thank you!

TODD-No hugs! And none if the guys at school will ever know a about me being so nice

ALICE-Gotcha. And Todd?

TODD- What?

ALICE- Thanks

TODD-Whatever. You’re still a dork. Now go to sleep.

TODD-And things keep on until

ALICE-High school. I hated high school

TODD- I loved high school

ALICE- Stupid teachers, stupid lectures, stupid drama, stupid boys...

TODD- Stupid teachers, hot girls, football... And then there was Sara. Sara was... wow. She was beautiful. Alice never seemed to like her. But there was nothing that could keep me away from Sara. Not even Alice.

ALICE- I'm telling you! She's nothing but trouble!

TODD- This is the face that cares

ALICE-I'm serious!

TODD- Name one thing wrong with her

ALICE-She's made out with every guy on the football team!

TODD-At least she's kissed someone!

ALICE-Excuse me?

TODD-We all know that you've never had a boyfriend, let alone your first kiss! Your almost sixteen, Alice!

ALICE-I'm waiting for the right guy

TODD-Only a blind man would be willing to kiss you, Alice.


TODD-I mean, awh come on Alice! I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that! Don't leave! I said I'm sorry! Alice!

TODD-Alice ended up being right about Sara. Trouble. I hate high school.

ALICE-I told you. You never listen.

TODD-You're really pushing your compliment.

ALICE-And, of course, Todd was heartbroken over Sara for about a week. And then came Lindsay. And then Brittany. And then there was Courtney, followed by-

TODD-Okay, they get it Alice! And you make me seem so irresponsible!

ALICE-So you’re saying that you’re responsible?

TODD-Yeah! I am!

ALICE- Obviously, you don’t remember your first part time job.

TODD-Hey I was an awesome pizza delivery guy!

ALICE-Todd, you can’t just skip work. It doesn’t work like that!

TODD- But the games gonna be on tonight!

ALICE-Which means a lot of people are going to be ordering pizza

TODD- So? Bill can deliver. Problem solved.

ALICE- Okay. Fine. Have it your way.

TODD- Awesome. Hey, yeah guys. I can definitely come over for the game. I’m just gonna call in sick. Oh, I mean, uh. Hey, Mr. Gillian! No, I wasn’t planning on skipping work. Yeah, I was, uh, I was just-

ALICE- Hi, Mr. Gillian. This is Alice Stevens. I’m really sorry. I tried to convince Todd to stay home from work today so he could enjoy some down time. He’s been really stressed out lately. He told me that he couldn’t skip, but I told him I’d tell his mother how overworked he’s been if he went and let her deal with things. Yes sir. I apologize for my lack of better judgment. Uh-huh. Yes sir. Alright, thanks. Buh-bye.

TODD- Wow, Alice. Thanks-

ALICE- Don’t bother. You know, one of these days you’re gonna have to use that head of yours!

TODD-The weird thing about Alice is she's always there. In your head. She kept me out of a lot of trouble over the years. I just wished I could have fixed her one problem as easily as she fixed all of mine...

ALICE-Todd, come here, I have to tell you something.

TODD-What is it?

ALICE-I went to the doctor today

TODD-Yeah? How'd that go? Alice? Is there something wrong?

ALICE-Todd, I have cancer.

TODD-I was so angry with the world. How could such a bad thing happen to such a good person? If anyone, I should be the one dying, not Alice. It's just not fair!

ALICE- I didn’t want to tell Todd at first, but I knew I would have to. He was my best friend, he deserved to know.

Todd, are you mad at me?

TODD- Mad at you? Why would I be mad at you? I just don’t understand how this happened.

ALICE-Sometimes, God places things into our lives and doesn’t tell us why. But He knows.

TODD- Yeah, but-

ALICE-“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you, and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future”

TODD- Jeremiah 29:11?


TODD- But aren’t you scared, Alice?

ALICE- Of course I’m scared! Who knows what kind of trouble you’ll get into without me nagging at you all the time!

TODD- Oh, haha. You’re so funny. But I’m serious. You have to fight. This is one battle I won’t let you lose.

ALICE-Now Todd-

TODD- No! I’m serious! Alice made me nervous. What kind of person isn’t afraid of death?

ALICE-I tried to convince Todd I wasn’t scared. After all, there was nothing I could do at this point anyway. I just wanted to make sure he’d be okay without me. Which I know he will. Todd is a pretty smart guy.

TODD-I feel so stupid. How could I let something like this happen?

ALICE-And I knew he would try to blame himself. He always does that. I tried to assure him it wasn’t anyone’s fault. Everything would be

TODD-Okay. She said everything would be okay. So I believed her. Alice was usually right. Alice died a few months after she was diagnosed. I miss her. I still hear her voice sometimes. You know, friendship like that is rare, and people like Alice are special.


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