A Mind Gone Rampant

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more of my messed up thoughts on paper

Submitted: July 07, 2013

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Submitted: July 07, 2013



A Mind Gone Rampant



My nights, are filled with nightmares. Nightmares, about love, and peace, the dream that one day, things will be better, alright, alive and with meaning.

My days are spent trying to forget the events of the last evening, when shadows and ghost came from the walls. The shadow of my family, dark and cold, the shadows of my friends who say they care. The shadows of my Career, telling me I’m a failure. And the shadow of one I loved to much, someone who I could count on.

But then again, they are all shadows of what I used to have, now I drive myself mad by reading over and over “you need to fight to Austin you I want you to recover, i need you to recover

austin please”. Oh if only… Those words were actually true. I wish they were, but like everything else in the world, it was a lie. Love is a lie, promises broken!! I said I wouldn’t care what anyone said…. I said I would believe, well there’s nothing to believe in anymore….

There’s nothing to fight for, nobody to actually fight for.  Just simple things that are meaningless. While she recovers and an amazing pace, I’m the only one who has to be alone, the only one who has to die alone.

I have nothing to believe in, nobody to love with everything I have, nothing in live worth living for.

How the hell did I end up like this, so bent, broken and twisted?

How the hell did I fall in love with a ghost that now haunts me with her eyes?

I’m going insane…. God why?? Please bring her back or take me with her!!!




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