Angels All Around Us

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Angels, thats all you need to know

Submitted: January 23, 2012

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Submitted: January 23, 2012




Angels All Around

: By Anonymous

From winter, to spring, to summer to autumn someone is always watching you. Of course God is watching you, but something else is flying through the warm air. You can let these things come into your life and heart. One way you can let them in is in the cold months of winter. When the snowflakes fall to the ground, they stick.

Later you can walk out into the magical white fluff and make a masker piece that nobody else would really consider a master piece. A snow angel, yes you should know by now what a snow angel is. Angels, they watch over us all the time. They protect you when you sleep, the save you from harm, they comfort you when you’re alone. Angels, what are they to you? Now maybe you’ve been with an angel, maybe you haven’t. Angels fly with us everywhere we go; you may be right next to one and not even know it.

They see everything we do, when we think nobody is watching they are standing right there with us. They see the bad things we do and say. Before you speak, or do a deed, think of the Angels. What would they do? What you they say? And what would they think? Now maybe you think that when then snow melts and spring begins to come that the angels will leave us. Well they don’t, the snow angel you made is just a doorway from angels to come through. Even though the door may be shut for now, it will open soon enough by someone who really needs an angel. I believe there angels all around us, we can’t see them, but we can feel them in the air and we can hear them in the wind. So, think of the angels before you act, remember.

There are angels all around.

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