Castles And Princesses

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Submitted: March 19, 2012

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Submitted: March 19, 2012



Castles And Princesses
By: Anonymous

Wouldn’t we all want to protected from harm? Wouldn’t we desire to be of some importance? Wouldn’t some of us want to a princesses in a castle? I think we would.

Are Castles and Princesses fairytales? Or course not. Long ago there were Princesses is and castles, and there still some today. I see a princess in her garden overlooking her empire. She rules with patience and love for her subjects.

Her jet black hair waves in the wind and I’m taken away by her never ending beauty. Her blue dress is made of dreams and sparkles making her almost look like an angel, but then again my princess is so good why couldn’t she be an angel? Oh wait maybe she’s too lovely to be an angel.

My princess is loving, sweet, wise and has so much compassion  for her subjects. She’s overcome the hurt in her heart and has forgiven  her enemies which oppose her empire. For my lady hates evil and pursues love, I guess that’s why I love serving her.

Who am I?  A mere soldier. Recruited to escort and protect the princess from the dragons and other evil that would hurt her. Would I give my life to save my princess? Of course I would. Even though I have an order to fight in battles and wars, I also have another duty. To protect the princess and her delegates. And I will defend and give my life for her if need be.

Because she is not only my princess, she’s my friend. I would have fifty arrows to the chest if it meant to keep her alive and safe. I’m loyal to the princess, my sister and my friend. As a soldier I fight with many brothers, and I have lost some in battle. But we all know what we have to do. We love our princess.

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