Clashing Metal

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I feel that ive lost... but im going to win... i will not die..

Submitted: August 28, 2012

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Submitted: August 28, 2012



Clashing Metal


You’ve been taught as a child,

That you’re the best thing that happened to them.

They tell you three simple words.

“I Love You”.

Funny thing is it’s not that simple.


Over the years, you see things in a new way.

You’re exposed to arguments, harsh words, and sometimes harm.

Those three words, what did they mean?

Did they mean “I’ll love you only if you do what I say”?

Did they man “I’ll love you I get to tell you who you are”?

No they didn’t, at least they weren’t supposed to.


Suddenly you find yourself an enemy.

Your very own kind,

Your family.


You prepare yourself for battle.

Your shields go up.

Your sword is raised.

And your helmet is on.


Suddenly you’re in combat.

With enemies on every side

Outnumbered and under attack.

Stranded in the depths of a strange place known as earth


You fight and fight.

But your enemies never grow weary.

As you hear the clashing of metal

You can hear a voice in your head.


“They love you, like they did when you were a baby”.

Confused and unsure, you lower your sword.

You take a step back.


But then…

But then they do it..



Suddenly your heart stops.

Suddenly you’re in a world of pain.

You feel weak.

Your eyes widen.

You look down, and see the cause.

You see it.

A sword in your chest

You’ve been stabbed.

You’ve been lied to.


As tears run down your cheeks

You look into the eyes of your foe.

But all you see it complete darkness.

You see their true self.

You see they’ve used you.

You see that they never even wanted you.


They yank the sword from your body.

And you scream.

The reality is too much for you.

As you fall to your knees,

It all becomes clear.

You’ve lost.


As you lay there

 Nearly dead

Someone picks you up.

You’re in too much pain to speak.

They take you away

To a safe place known as fantasy

They clean your wounds

They put you at rest.

As you lay there, you think of a way to end the war.

You think of a way to win.


You then return to reality

You see the battlefield.

You’re healed ready.

But you won’t be alone.

Together we will win.

Love is destroys evil

Love heals hearts.

I will fight with you.

Together, and with love at our sides

We will not slow down, we will be victorious.

Prepare to win.







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