Dear Carolyne

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Can't wait to meet her. Maybe i have? anyway this is for you.

Submitted: January 25, 2012

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Submitted: January 25, 2012




By: Anonymous

Dear, uhh what’s you’re name? I honestly never got it from you. Oh well this is embarrassing, here I am writing a love letter to you and I don’t even know your name.

I must say darling that I’m so excited to meet you. Or maybe I have met you but I just don’t know it. I wish you were here so much, I live life forcing smiles, becoming jealous of people, wishing that I had you now.

In the rainy afternoons of spring I sit in under a pagoda thinking and wishing. Being as young as I am I never really felt this way about someone else. I was never truly in love with someone, there were times when I thought a girl was pretty, but that’s so shallow.

Just recently I met your spirit; I can feel it around me. I can feel it when I’m about to do something that would make you unhappy, I can feel it when I’m alone in the dark, but when I open my eye your not there.

In the wind I hear you whispering my name, when it snows you cover me with white, pure love. You never ever gave your heart away; you never ever gave into temptations. Now when I was younger I fell into a few small romances, but then pulled away. Each time part of my heart was given away.

It really hurt to say that because here you are waiting for me, while I was wasting my heart away. I know you’re already disappointed, I’m so sorry. I just got lonely, I feel like nobody wants me, that’s not an excuse it’s the truth.

All that stuff is now behind me, it gave me a new sense of sight. I wish I could go back and fix it but I can’t. It doesn’t seem fare that you would be giving me your full heart and I’m only giving you ¾ of mine. Who would want ¾ of a heart for life? Nobody would.

Oh darling I’m so sorry, I’m sorry for letting my feelings take away part of my heart, I’m so sorry for not loving you like I should. I’m so sorry for not whispering back to you. I neglected you for so long, how you can still want me and love I’ll never know? I would take a bullet in the head for you if it meant you would love me. Please forgive me.

So read these words again, they are from the core of my heart. I love you, please give me one last chance, please let me prove that I’m worthy of your never ending love. I promise you, I promise you that I will never leave. You hung on to me after what I’ve done. I will never leave the love that never failed me. I will never leave you alone in the dust. I cannot write enough words on this paper to show how much I love you. If you felt alone and jumped off a bridge, don’t be afraid. I’ll be at the bottom to catch you when you fall.

Oh if God would showyou to me now, I don’t know how I would act. My dreams would have come true. As the days go by I fall in love with you more and more. And I’ll keep falling and falling because I don’t want to stop. When God gives you to me, I’ll fall down into a never ending hole of love. I don’t know why I’m crying right now. I don’t know you, but I love you. I wish I was there to protect you right now. But soon enough I’ll have that privilege.

I love you so much, and I will love you forever. You’re my girl! <3

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