I Will Wait For Her

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I love her, and i want to meet her sooo badly, i want to hold her, i want to love her.

Submitted: March 03, 2012

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Submitted: March 03, 2012



I Will Wait

Everyday i wake up, thinking that today will be the day i'll fall in love and stay in love. Every afternoon i walk the streets, staring in jealousy at the couples walking hand in hand down the lonely street. It's as if they don't have a care in the world, they love each other so much that the hateful words they might throw at one another will never destroy their love.

Why does it seem that everyone around seems to like somebody or is liked by someone else, and i'm not liked by anybody? I cry myself to sleep often because i'm afraid that "special" someone will never find me, will she ever find me?

I've made a commitment to keep myself pure for her, but i confess it's so hard. I know so many young ladies who are pretty,sweet,kind and loving. How can i not want to be more then a friend to one of them?

It's difficult to say NO to their hints of "Can we be more then friends?". I pray to God that somehow he will send her my way, maybe he already has. There is a reward for those who wait, but is the reward worth it? YES, it is worth it! It's TRUE Love, love that will never fail. Love that was saved for me, love that was ment to be mine. I could have been in a relationship RIGHT NOW with one of the cutest girls ever, but i don't judge by beauty, i judge by heart.

I will wait. I will wait even when it seems like love is a million miles away. I will wait, even if all my friends have their "Special Someone". I will wait when i have the chance not to. Because i know that "She" is so worth the wait. As much as it's annoying to wait, it the right thing to do. It's love i can't see,and it's the love i want. Dear God you know my heart and who i want,and what is best for me. I trust you to bring her to me, I love her Jesus! I love her so much, someday she will come my way. I know it.

I Will Wait

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