I'm Not That Strong

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I feel this way all the time.... i'm so sorry

Submitted: March 11, 2012

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Submitted: March 11, 2012



I’m Not That Strong

By: Anonymous


I sit in the corner of my room, the tears flow freely from my face. My arms are covered with blood, yea I’ve been cutting.

What is wrong with me? Where have I gone wrong? Why do I hate myself? The darkness of night is the part I hate the most. It’s so lonely, I’m alone with myself and that’s a horrible thing.

I beat myself against my wall and scream at the top my lungs. The broken heart and battle scars drip over my broken soul.  I forgot who I am, what I was. I forgot what true love is, I hate the word “Truth” because everyone lies to ME!

Sure I can put on the happiest face in the world, but you don’t know, but then again why do you ever care? Nobody ever has. The more who say “I love you” the worse I become! Whenever I get close to a person their ripped from me like a torn dress.

I HATE WHO I HAVE BECOME! Look at what you’ve done to ME! If you hadn’t spread those rumors about Jessica I wouldn’t hate being around her. I’m not that strong, CAN’T YOU SEE I’M BLEEDING!!!!

Rumors spread faster than wild fires, and they can’t be stopped. YOU’RE BURNING ME ALIVE! Please!!! LISTEN TO ME!! LET ME COME BACK! No get away from me! I’ll kill myself before I let you cut me again. I’m not that strong, I’m not unbreakable!!  I’ve been broken so many times I gave up counting.


Just GO! Leave me alone! You stole my spirit from me, I HATE YOU!! If only you knew what you’ve done. If only you knew the cuts and burns on my arms symbolize what was taken from me! As you took life away from me, I take blood from my twisted body.

I hate the voices in my head, forever I will remember them.  They echo in my head every day. “Always remember I am worthless. Always remember I am nothing. Always remember I am hated. Always know that you will never escape. Always know that nobody is coming for you. Always know that will never be loved.”


Those words echo in my mind, and I can’t escape from them. Soon I’ll be dead and I’ll never hear those words again. I’m sorry, I’m not that strong… SOMEBODY COME FOR ME BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!

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